How to Gain Weight Fast Naturally

Gain Weight Fast Naturally

To gain weight fast naturally, a few points should be made. In this article, 15 tips to gain weight fast naturally are introduced.

The best way to gain weight fast naturally is to eat 6 full meals per day.

Do you want to gain weight fast naturally?

The best way to gain weight fast naturally is to eat 6 full meals a day. Add food such as cheese, olive oil, nuts and pasta to your meal to receive more calories.

Instead of drinking just daily water, add a high calorie drink like milk and whey protein mix to your diet. If you want your extra weight to be turned into muscle, perform jumping and stretching exercises at least twice a week


How to gain weight fast naturally?

When everyone is losing weight and is obsessed with it, it’s difficult to find a safe and healthy way to gain weight naturally. But do not worry, if you have a healthy weight gain plan and are committed to stick to it, it is possible to gain weight fast naturally.


1. Increase the consumption of vegetables

Instead of filling your belly with celery and other juicy vegetables, eat high-calorie vegetables. Avocado has healthy fats and a variety of healthy substances. Starchy vegetables like potatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin and corn can help you gain weight fast naturally.

Fruits like bananas, cranberries, grapes and mangoes can provide fiber and calories needed for weight gain.


2. Eat more meals

If you have low weight, you may want to quickly fill your stomach. You need to eat more meals to correct this behavior. Try to eat 6 to 5 smaller meals a day instead of eating at 3 meals a day. Meanwhile, take the snacks.

Eat snack or meal before bedtime. Eating before bed can help you weight gain.


3. Drink milk and other high-calorie drinks

Water is very good for you but it can destroy your appetite. If you are looking for fluids to use during your meals, use milk and biscuits and milkshake.

Use a high-fat milk instead of a low-fat milk.

Pour peanut butter or protein powder on your biscuits and milkshakes.

Try to use traditional drinks that are high in protein and protein, such as kefir.

After eating, drink low-calorie drinks.


4. Perform aerobic exercises

Aerobic exercises do not quickly build muscle as strength training would, but help you balance your routine exercises.

  • Aerobic exercises include:
  • Jogging or walking
  • Biking
  • Swimming

If you do aerobic exercises and you have difficulty in maintaining your weight, you need to reduce the severity, frequency, or duration of your exercise.


5. Add calories to your meals

When you prepare your food, think about how to increase the calorie intake. Can you put a piece of cheese inside your sandwich? What do you think about the use of eggs in a hot soup? Pour olive oil on your vegetables or add seeds, nuts or cheese in your salad.


6. Eat high-fat snacks

Fat is an essential part of your diet, and eating it can be a healthy way to gain weight fast naturally. Eat nuts, seeds, and peanut butter. Try cheese or fruit juice and high-fat yogurt. When looking for something tasty, olive and cheese are great.


7. Talk to a doctor or nutritionist

If you are struggling to gain weight, but unwillingly lose weight, talk to a nutritionist. It may be a problem for you to lose weight. If you have hormonal disorders, your dietitian can check your thyroid. If your doctor cannot help you, you can consult a dietitian.


8. Have a personal trainer

If you have a problem with your training program, you can have a private trainer. They can help you with weight gain through the exercises and methods they provide.

Practice with your instructor at the gym. Many times you can see your trainer there, and may even give you a discount at the first advice.

Talk with your trainer about your weight and goals. Tell them you are interested in reaching your normal weight.

Because of the cost of having a private trainer, you can ask the coaches at the gym to guide you.

Gain Weight Fast Naturally

9. Build your muscles with strength training

Most of the muscle’s weight is fat and so weight gain can help build muscle. Do exercises at least twice a week. You can leaping and stretching exercises at home, and do exercises like sit-ups. You can do weight lifting exercises using a weight lifting ball, a weight lift and a weight lifting rod.

If you go to the gym, do your exercises with heavy apparatus

Register for the Pilates class.

Go to class or watch a video before starting the new exercise.

Remember this: if you have pain, stop the exercise. It may hurt you if your workouts are pushed.


10. Protein foods

Protein intake is essential for weight gain. If you are building muscle, red meat can help to increase normal weight. Salmon has healthy calories and fat. Yogurt also contains high protein.

Other fatty fish also help to increase normal weight gain. Have a canned fish in your refrigerator.

Beans are an excellent source of protein and starch.


11. Eat before and after the workout

Carbohydrates that you use before exercising will help increase your stamina during training. Carbohydrates and proteins work together to build your muscles.

Eat a small meal or snack at least an hour before your workout.

If you have a large meal, you should wait three to four hours and then practice.

Good snacks that you can get after your workout include peanut butter sandwiches, yogurt and fruits, cocoa milk and crackers or biscuits and milk, yogurt or whey protein.


12. Eat a little dessert

You should not just stick to sweet foods. Sometimes sweet snacks are also good for weight gain. Do not worry if you occasionally overeat ice creams and cakes. If you like eating dessert every night, eat small and healthy desserts from bitter chocolate bars, high-fat yogurt with fruits and granola, nuts, to granola bars and cookies.


13. Eat Barley Bread

Barley bread, pasta and crackers are more nutritious and have more calories than Barley. Eat Barley bread with butter, olive oil, peanut butter, avocado, a little bit of sesame and honey and enjoy it.


14. Do not eat unhealthy foods

If you eat fast food at any time, calorie intake will be easy for you. Maybe you will gain weight, but your health will be in danger. If you have time, you can spend your time preparing food. But if you’re too busy or hate cooking, find healthy ways to eat.

If you want to make your meal during the week but you are very busy, try to prepare most of your food on weekends. You can freeze half of the food and do not worry about getting them down.

Consider this as a rule to avoid eating fried foods, sweet snacks, drinks and candy.


15. Don’t rush your weight gain

Too rapid weight gain is neither practical nor healthy. If you eat as much food that you feel uncomfortable, you may be harmed to your body. Avoid eating when you feel satiety. If you are concerned that you have not eaten enough food, eat a small snack after eating.

If you want to increase your weight, consult your doctor, dietitian or your own instructor.

If you are committed to your weight gain program and use a healthy diet, you can gently boost weight by 1 to 2 kilograms per month.

You may gain weight each month, but this weight gain is a combination of muscle and fat. The healthy weight gain is 450 to 1 kilos per week


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