The best way for a Healthy Weight Gain

Healthy Weight Gain

This post concerns whether you need to gain weight, whether weight gain pills are safe, and whether exercise or diet are effective for a healthy weight gain.

When do you need to gain weight?

Those whose total body mass (weight in kilograms divided by height in m to the power 2) is less than 19, are considered underweight and it is better for them to seek ways for a healthy weight gain.

Tips for a healthy weight gain

People who smoke cannot absorb nutrients in their digestive system, so they should quit smoking. Also, caffeine in coffee and some beverages temporarily increase metabolism, leading to weight loss. So for a healthy weight gain, quit smoking and too much caffeine consumption.

Having enough sleep and rest can reduce energy consumption and increase body weight.

Mental health is important for a healthy weight gain. Be careful about anorexia, especially in teenage girls.

Some people also want to save money because of economic problems and lose weight abnormally. Learn about reasonable ways to save money on groceries without harming your health.

For a healthy weight gain, you should add 200-300 calories a day to your calorie intake.

Calorie intake for a healthy weight gain

Obviously, we need more calories to gain weight. For example, if you want to add about half a kilogram of body weight per week, you just need to add about 200-300 calories a day to what you have already been consuming. This 200-300 calories can be provided, for example, in either of the following ways:

▪ Use 3 glasses of milk with medium fat + a slice of bread

▪ 1 glass of milk with medium fat + a boiled egg + one slice of bread

▪ 1 cup of cooked beans (lentils, beans and …), a slice of bread

▪ 1 medium sized steak+ a slice of bread

Each of the above, while delivering enough protein to the body to make muscle tissue (nonfat), are the best options for a healthy weight gain. They are also much cheaper and healthier than many protein supplements.

Healthy Weight Gain

Exercise for a healthy weight gain and muscle strength

Those who want to increase muscle strength and gain weight should try to link this weight gain to increasing muscle mass (fat-free). In this case, it is advisable to use endurance training while adding about 200-300 calories a day (which contains the amount of protein needed to increase muscle tissue, previously mentioned) to their daily diet.

In addition to endurance training, weight training is also great for a healthy weight gain and muscle building. First, you need to determine how much weight you can lift. If you can lift the weights you pick up a maximum of 8-7 times, then it’s your weight, and if you lift it more than 8-7 times, that weight is too light for you. Then every day increase the number of times that you can lift that weight. Whenever you can lift your weight about 12-13 times each time, change your weight and choose the heaviest weight You can lift only 8-7 times. So right in the next few months, you’ve added several times to your lifting weights.

If you want to enlarge a specific part of your body (for example, only muscle of the arms, only chest muscles …), you should lift the weights under the supervision of the special trainer so that most of the muscles in the same area increase the tissue.


  • Do you need to use hormonal drugs (growth hormone – testosterone) or expensive protein supplements to gain weight?

Human Growth Hormone: Today, there is a lot of advertising for the use of growth hormone for weight gain and muscle mass. According to research, these hormones can cause many complications or excessively increase the volume of muscles and facial bones leading to gigantism (excessive and abnormal enlargement of the jaw and chin, soft tissues of the area of ​​the hands, feet, etc.). They also cause complications such as liver failure and diabetes.  Using these hormones by athletes is prohibited by international sports committees.

Testosterone hormone: If used in women, it can cause irreversible effects, such as rough voice and hirsutism. Its use in adolescents causes early buccal closure of the bones and their short stature. Also, research  shows that the use of it in men and after puberty has led to complications such as increased behavioral violence, depression, increased suicidal and homicidal tendencies. It also increases cardiovascular disease, cholesterol, lipids, and blood pressure.


Generally speaking, people who want to gain weight, it is recommended to eat three main meals and three snacks, and add about 200-300 calories a day to their dietary foods to get the protein needed for muscle building. It is recommended that no use be made of high-fat foods, synthetic hormones, protein supplements in the market, and endurance exercises to strengthen muscle tissue (muscle hypertrophy).

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