How to use honey for beauty

honey for beauty

Apart from being a nutritional food, honey is one of the oldest and most effective beautifying substances. Read on to find out how to use honey for beauty.

Honey contains wax, sugar and minerals. Pure honey is a natural moisturizer and acts as an anti-inflammation agent for sensitive skin.

Honey can be found in many beauty products. You can find these products in local shops or in shops that have good cosmetic products. Many of these products can be very expensive, but some of these products can also be made at home.

If you want to know the secrets of using honey for beauty, try natural honey beautify products below. Before using honey on your skin, make sure you are not allergic to it.


You can use honey for beauty by making honey face and hair mask.


1) Daily Face Cleaner

Mix one teaspoon of honey with milk powder, then use this solution as a make-up cleanser and dirty skin cleansing. Then wash your face with warm water.


2) Brilliant hair:

To have brilliant shiny hair, you can mix a teaspoon of honey with freshly squeezed lemon juice and add 1 liter of warm water. Wash your hair with you regular shampoo and then pour the honey mixture on your hair. Let your hair dry normally, you do not need to wash the mixture of honey from your hair.


3) Honey face mask

Apply pure honey to your face and allow it to remain for a while until it is dry. Approximately fifteen minutes are enough to dry the honey on your skin. Then, wash your face with warm water.

honey for beauty

4) Honey Massage:

Mix a teaspoon of honey with a little almonds powder in the palms of your hands and gently apply on your face. Then rinse the honey and almonds with warm water.


5) Honey Bath:

Add a quarter to half a cup of honey to the bathtub water to make your skin smoother and softer.


6) Skin mask:

For firm, soft and moisturized skin, you can use a mixture of peeled apple seeds and one tablespoon of honey mixed in a blender machine.

Blend the honey mixture until smooth, then apply on the face skin and let it stay for fifteen minutes. Then rinse the honey mixture with warm water.


7) Hair conditioner:

For healthy hair and skin, you can use a mixture of 1/2 cup of honey and 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Immerse your hair with the honey mixture, then cover on your head and let it sit for thirty minutes. After thirty minutes, shampoo and wash your hair as usual.


8) Clear skin with honey bath:

Use a glass of honey for moisture, softness and cleansing of your skin in your next bath. Apply honey to your skin and make ensure that the honey is dry on the skin. Then wash your body with water. The result is a great blood circulation, and a beautiful and clear skin.

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