Dark underarms treatment with home remedies

Dark underarms treatment

You don’t have to worry about dark armpits anymore. Dark underarms treatment is possible with these simple home remedies.

You can get rid of dark armpits using medical treatment. Ask your physician to see whether there’s a fundamental disorder leading to discoloration and seek medical treatment for dark underarms.

However, if you are looking for dark underarms treatment with simple but effective home remedies, you can follow the instructions in this post. To eliminate dark areas in your armpits using home remedies, you may use natural whitening remedies like potato together with moisturizing and exfoliating creams.

Natural whitening agents are the best home remedies for dark underarms treatment.


Natural lighteners for dark underarms treatment

The acidic, anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties in some fruit and veggies permit them to lighten your skin naturally.

Before proceeding to learn about the natural home remedies for dark underarms treatment, you should remember that it is essential to keep your armpits moisturized. You can apply natural moisturizers such as aloe vera to the dark area under your arms at least two times each day.


Lemons for natural dark underarms treatment
  • Rub a cut of lemon on the dark area; the fruit will remove dead skin cells and brighten your skin. Follow-up simply by cleaning and, if required, applying moisturizer. (With continuing use, lemons may dry your skin).
  • Add a little quantity of turmeric, natural yogurt or honey to lemon juice to make a paste for natural dark underarms treatment. Apply it to the intended area and leave for 10 minutes before rinsing it.


Potatoes for natural dark underarms treatment
  • Thinly cut a potato and rub the cut on the dark area.
  • You can also apply potato juice to the dark area in the armpits. Allow it to dried out for ten minutes and the rinse.


Cucumbers for natural dark underarms treatment
  • Just like you did with the potato, you can use cucumber pieces on the affected area or grate the cucumber and make use of the juice.
  • You can go one step further and put in a couple of drops of lemon juice plus some turmeric (enough to produce a paste) to the cucumber juice. Apply the paste, wait around 30 minutes and then clean it off.

Dark underarms treatment

Cucumbers, potatoes, and lemons are best for natural dark underarms treatment.


Along with using these natural home remedies for dark underarms treatment, you need to avoid certain practices like applying deodorants and shaving.


Avoid deodorants

The strong antiperspirant chemicals of deodorants darken underarms by an inflammatory response often. Hardly any people already have a problem with body smell & most don’t need the broadly promoted deodorants.


To have lighter armpits, try waxing instead of shaving

Dark underarms may be caused by solid hair under your skin due to shaving. Waxing helps you get rid of the unwanted hair in the armpits without any dark spots.

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