Natural skin lightening ingredients and masks

Natural skin lightening

If you want to lighten your skin safely at home, here are the best natural skin lightening ingredients to consume or to prepare masks.

Most dark skin women are pressured to lighten their skin up, majorly to be more attractive. Regrettably, due to ignorance mostly, a few of these women proceed the excess mile to whiten their organic pores and skin color making them unappealing and leading to epidermis problems.

There are a great number of skin whitening products available for sale, but more than about half of these are produced from chemical substances that are damaging to your skin layer if used for a long period. Also, these chemicals could have many side effects for your skin layer, such as dullness, uneven complexion or acne breakout. But you need not worry. The best skin lighteners are found in nature. You can safely try these natural skin lightening ingredients and masks at home and enjoy a glowing skin!


These safe and homemade natural skin lightening masks will make your skin glow.


Safe and natural skin lightening ingredients

Honey and its natural skin lightening properties

Honey is an excellent skin-care component that includes great lightening and moisturizing properties. It helps to take care of the issue of uneven complexion related to dryness. Also, this ingredient is abundant with antibacterial properties that assists in fading acne scarring and on your skin layer. There are several methods to use honey to lighten up your skin layer, however the article will provide you with two of the most simple-but-effective natural skin lightening recipes with honey below.

How to benefit from honey as a natural skin lightening ingredient

One way to use honey is to produce a skin-lightening mask. To make a natural skin lightening mask with honey, you need to combine 1 teaspoon of honey with one teaspoon of lemon juice, a half tsp of cashew oil and one tsp of milk powder. Softly apply the blend to your skin. Leave this for 10 -15 minutes before rinsing off with cool water. Get it done daily.

Another way is to directly apply pure honey on your face and leave it all for a few a few minutes before rinsing off with lukewarm water. This treatment assists in getting rid of dead skin cellular material and present you a fresher and lighter skin. You should do this treatment once a day.


Lemons for lightening your skin naturally at home

Lemons contain an acidic property which usually helps whiten your skin layer. Lemons are also abundant with vitamin C which induces the production of fresh cells. Furthermore, this fruit has anti-oxidants which are extremely essential for the health of your skin.

Important note: Before proceeding to explain how to use lemons for natural skin lightening, remember that you shouldn’t use of lemon juice for your skin if you have open wounds, delicate and dry skin or any allergic reactions.

To lighten your skin at home with lemons, squeeze a lemon to have some fresh lemon juice, soak a cotton ball in it and apply the cotton ball on your skin. Or you may directly apply a cut of lemon on the skin and allow new juice to adhere to your skin layer. Keep the lemon juice at least 1 hour prior to rinsing it all off with drinking water and do it every day. This method aids in preventing the marks and dark patches on the skin and lighten your skin layer tone.

Alternatively, you may make a mixture of 3 teaspoons of lemon juice and a single teaspoon of powdered turmeric to use on your skin layer. Keep the perfect solution for thirty minutes before cleaning away it with water. Repeat this procedure every day. Or you can apply the combination of one teaspoon of lemon juice, one teaspoon of milk powder and 1 teaspoon of honey for 15-20 minutes and then wash it off. Get it done every single day.


Gram Flour paste for lightening skin naturally at home

Another home treatment to lighten your skin safely is gram flour. It really is one of the greatest methods to brighten the skin securely, efficiently and naturally without harming your skin health. Gram flour is definitely a nutrient-dense ingredient which usually not only helps brighten your skin layer but also maintains it health. Natural skin lightening treatment with gram flour is very helpful in eliminating extra oil on your skin layer while keeping it moisturized normally.

To help make the natural skin lightening mask with gram flour, you should make a thicker paste of gram flour coupled with just a little fresh water and apply this substance on your skin, including the facial skin, hand, and lower leg areas. Allow it to dry out before rinsing it from the skin with running water.


Natural aloe vera gel to brighten the skin at home

Natural aloe vera is great in reducing hyperpigmentation, which is among the primary elements resulting in imbalanced skin shade. Aloe vera helps restore the fresh and glowing color of your skin layer. It helps clean dead skin cells, repair damaged cells and produce new cells. Aloe vera helps to keep your skin layer healthy and bright.

Take some leaves of natural aloe vera and peel off the external layer. Press to get the solid, jelly-like gel out and use it to your skin layer. Keep it just for thirty minutes prior to cleaning away it with water.  Get it done twice each day for 14 days to naturally lighten your skin at home.


Natural skin lightening with oranges

Oranges are extremely rich in vitamin C which is the fundamental nutrient for skin health. Furthermore, this fruit has bleaching properties which is really powerful in lightening your skin and keeping it firm. Eating fresh fruit juice frequently can enhance the consistency of your skin and maintain its elasticity.

You can use oranges in two ways to lighten up your skin naturally.

The first method is to use the combination of two tablespoons of orange juice with one touch of turmeric powder on to the facial skin and neck just before bedtime. This mixture may also be used for hands and legs. Leave this for twenty – thirty minutes before rinsing it away. Get it done daily.

Dried out orange peel powder will act as natural bleach for natural skin lightening. You may make a paste by combining one tea spoon of the natural powder ground from dried orange peels with one tea spoon of natural yogurt and apply it to your skin layer. Wash the paste after 15-20 mins. This natural skin lightening treatment helps lighten the marks and spots on your facial skin. You may use this mask a few times per week.



Fat free yogurt, a probiotic food, is a dairy that consists of many important nutrients crucial for your skin health. Particularly, lactic acidity in yogurt offers moisturizing and bleaching features which will make it an excellent skincare treatment when put on your skin. It helps control the appearance of freckles and blemishes on your skin layer, and offers you a new, glowing and youthful skin.

Natural skin lightening masks with yoghurt

There are numerous ways to use yogurt to your skin layer. You can softly rub yogurt on your skin layer and leave it for a few minutes before cleaning off it all with lukewarm water. You should repeat this natural skin lightening treatment once every day for couples of weeks to get a satisfying result.

You can apply the mixture of an about half a tea spoon of honey and 1 tablespoon of fresh fat free yogurt on your face and throat skin and allow it to dry out normally for 10-15 minutes before rinsing away with lukewarm water. Do it every other day.

You can even make a solid yogurt paste to use as a face mask with the addition of some oatmeal and just a little lemon juice. This natural skin lightening mask helps hydrate your skin layer and keep it flexible.

Natural skin lightening

Natural skin lightening masks with oatmeal

Oatmeal is the ideal ingredient to stimulate new skin cells’ development, eliminate old cellular material and brighten the skin tone. In addition, it exfoliates your skin layer, and keeps this smooth and supple. You can follow two natural skin lightening remedies beneath to look after your skin layer with oatmeal.

Make a mixture of oatmeal and tomato juice to use on to your skin and leave the paste for 20 minutes before cleaning it off with cool water. When cleaning, rub your skin gently to draw the clean the dead skin cells from your skin layer. Get it done every day.

Make a paste of 1 teaspoon of powdered oatmeal, a touch of turmeric plus some drops of lemon juice to use to your skin layer and let it dried out. After that, rinse it with water. Get it done once a day.


How to use turmeric for natural skin lightening

Turmeric is used to lighten the skin tone regularly. This maintains the well balanced complexion by correcting melanin. In addition, it contains antioxidant and antiseptic properties which keeps your skin healthy. We offer you two powerful remedies for natural skin lightening with tumeric that you can adhere to.

You may make a thick paste of dairy cream and powder turmeric to use on your skin layer. Let it dry and clean with lukewarm water.

Another way is to make a turmeric mask by combining half a teaspoon of powdered turmeric with a single teaspoon of lemon juice and two teaspoons of gram flour and use it on your skin. Leave the mask for the purpose of 20 — 25 mins till dried out. Remove the face mask and clean it with lukewarm water .



This vegetable binds collagen to keep your skin layer firm, flexible, and light. You can use this natural skin lightening treatment for each type of skin, even sensitive skin.

The most frequent way is putting cucumber slices on the skin for a few minutes, then taking them off and washing it with tepid to warm water. You should abide by it twice per day. Yet another way is making a spot-reducing mask by blending honey and grated cucumber and putting it on the neck and face, leaving it for 15 – 20 minutes and then using cool water to clean it off. Get it done twice a day. You can even apply the combination of one tsp of cucumber juice and one tsp of leamon juice, leave it for 15 – 20 minutes and then wash it with water. Get it done once a day.



This ingredient is used in a lot of beauty treatments regularly, which includes lightening your skin layer tone. Because of its natural bleaching properties and a great many other essential nutrition, papaya will provide you with a glowing and healthy skin. The easiest way is consuming papaya fruits. Alternatively, grate papaya and apply it on the skin. Keep it until dried out. After that, use cool water to wash the skin and pat it dry. Try this natural skin lightening treatment every day.


This article has provided you with top home remedies to brighten your skin layer naturally which you can use any time with different skin types. With these natural skin lightening remedies, you can treat the issue of uneven skin tone and have a wholesome, light, glowing and fresh skin.

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