How to Stop Menstrual Cramps Naturally with Traditional Medicine

Stop Menstrual Cramps

Traditional medicine offers lasting and natural recommendations to stop menstrual cramps through healthy life-style changes.

To stop menstrual cramps naturally, you need to understand the factors that influence your menstrual cycle. By adopting healthy life-style habits, you can perpetually get rid of period pains and improve the general state of your well-being.


6 Factors influencing the menstrual cycle according to traditional

Traditional medicine considers 6 factors essential for the general health of the body and believes that paying attention to them can have a huge impact on the menstrual cycle. On the other hand, disturbing the balance of these 6 items endangers the health of the body. Here are the 6 factors:

1. Climate: It can affect the whole body system. Some diseases occur more often in dry weather and others in cold or hot weather. Even winds can affect the general health of our body. At our age, the most important issue is air pollution, which can affect the health of your body and consequently menstruation. Some diseases also increase in particular seasons. Climate is a widespread debate, it’s true that we can’t have a big impact on the weather, but we have to know that climate has a great impact on our health and we should not neglect its impact on disease.

2. Eating and Drinking: Any food we eat can affect our body system and cause disease or maintain our health.

3. Retention: In traditional medicine, retention is associated with any substance that disrupts the balance by remaining in the body and causes illness and must be removed from the body to maintain health. Among the substances that need to be removed from the body are stools, urine and sweat, which disturb the equilibrium of body system.

4. Stress: Stress and emotional distress can affect the body’s system and cause illness. All traditional medicine scholars believe that this case is more destructive than any other, and it makes the body sick. Stress can even be one of the major causes of malignant diseases.

5. Movement and Rest: Any movement that the body has affects the health of the body. Traditional medicine places great importance on exercise and believes that exercise is one of the ways that can eliminate waste in the body and facilitate the process of menstrual cycle. In the last century, sedentary lifestyle has become one of the major causes of many diseases. Inactivity causes diseases such as metabolic syndrome, diabetes and hypertension ( which is the cause of most strokes).

6. Sleep and wakefulness: Sleeping affects the balance of the body. These days many people stay up at night due to the use of social networks or for other reasons and consequently they sleep very late. This lifestyle, unfortunately prevalent, is very harmful to health.


Maintaining body’s general health helps stop menstrual cramps naturally and permanently.

Stop Menstrual Cramps

How to stop menstrual cramps naturally by keeping the body’s balance


Foods recommendations and avoidances to stop menstrual cramps

During menstruation, blood flows out of the body, and blood has a warm nature according to traditional medicine. Excretion of this warms material results in a coldness in the body. That’s why it is best to eat less cold foods during your menstruation. Pickles and sour products, for instance, are considered to be cold ingredients that are not suitable for menstruation. During this time you should try to consume foods with a nature, blood-generating foods and energizers to make you feel better such as dates, raisins, chocolates, and bananas. Adhering to these simple principles can help improve your general mood and provide period pain relief. Other nutrients helpful for this period include nuts such as almonds and pistachios. Grape juice and carrot juice are also suitable for period pain relief.

Herbal teas like chamomile, ginger, mint, and thyme tea can also be helpful to stop menstrual cramps. It should be pointed out that traditional medicine does not cure ‘disease’ but ‘cure the patient’. Herbal teas and medicines are prescribes according to each patient’s temperament. These days, ginger or some herbal remedies are very common, but if one has a very hot temper, ginger is not a recommended prescription. Therefore, it may not be right to recommend one specific version to everyone. We cannot advise one general formula to everyone. However, general dietary advice to stop menstrual cramps, such as eating nuts or avoiding certain foods like pickles and cucumbers, is useful for most women during menstruation.


To stop menstrual cramps, listen to grandmother’s advice and don’t sit on the cold ground

It is harmful to sit in cold places, whether during the menstrual period or at other times. Not sitting on rocks and cold places is something all ladies should observe. Even cold water is not recommended. Traditional medicine scholars have long emphasized that using cold water is not a good thing to do during menstruation, and it can cause coldness in the body. Some ladies wash themselves with cold water because of their obsession with regular cleanliness, which can cause coldness in the body and uterine organs and may lead to illness. It’s even better not to shower for the first few days of the menstruation cycle or if you have to shower, take a shower for a short while without sitting down.


Constipation and the menstrual cycle

Constipation, digestive disorders, and bloating seem to be among the most important causes of the diseases, and perhaps one of the hallmarks of the diseases that most people get these days. Constipation causes harmful substances to accumulate in the body. In general, any disease that is referred to traditional medicine is first diagnosed in relation to constipation and gastrointestinal problems. Gastrointestinal digestion can affect the health of the body. When you do not have a good digestion, it means that no nutritional material is absorbed in the body. The body cannot use the waste material produced, and if it does, illness is on the way. Diseases can also come in different forms, including menstruation disorders and pain. To stop menstrual cramps, make sure you know how to treat constipation naturally to get rid of waste material in the body and allow it to absorb necessary nutrients.


The Role of Stress in menstruation

Stress alone can create conditions in a person’s body to disrupt the menstruation. Having an important exam, moving to a new house, or any stressful situation may even disturb the menstrual cycle. Your menstruation may be delayed or, on the contrary, you may experience heavy bleeding. Severe stress can even lead to premature menopause. The death of loved ones or separation from a spouse, for instance, can cause such stress to the individual that may lead to the interruption of menstruation and cause premature menopause. Keeping calm and following the appropriate dietary plan that reduces stress, therefore, can improve the quality of life during menstruation.


 Reducing stress helps stop menstrual cramps naturally

Stop Menstrual Cramps

Tips for reducing stress naturally

Echium tea is helpful in reducing stress, and chamomile tea helps to reduce stress and stop menstrual cramps naturally as well. Many women experience PMS, or premenstrual syndrome, before their menstruation starts, which means that their general condition is not good and may experience problems such as depression, stress and frustration. There are home remedies for PMS relief. Chamomile tea, for instance, can help reduce the symptoms. Apples, apple juice, or apple puree are also great for PMS relief. Make a wonderful apple puree by grating some apples and adding a little rose water, orange blossom water, or saffron, and eat it as a snack. Apples are helpful for general strengthening of the body and especially for strengthening of the nervous system.


The negative impacts of an inactive lifestyle

Inactivity causes obesity, and obesity is one of the most important factors that disrupt the menstrual cycle, while at the same time cause cysts and polycystic ovary diseases. From the perspective of modern medicine and traditional medicine, a sedentary and inactive life produces excessive fat in the body and impairs the production of various hormones such as estrogen and progesterone. Obesity can even cause infertility. Activity or Inactivity of the body affects the hypothalamus, pituitary gland, the ovary, and the quality of menstruation.


Exercise plan to stop menstruation cramps

One of the benefits, or perhaps one of the difficulties of traditional medicine, is that exercise is also prescribed according to the temperament and weight range of each individual. For example, people who are very thin are not allowed to do any heavy exercise. In general, it can be said that a 30-20 minute walk or light exercise can be very useful for the general public. Do not forget that walking has its principles and should be such as to affect the heartbeat.


A daily 20-30 minute walking plan helps stop menstrual cramps naturally.


Tips for a good sleep

New research has proven that the best sleeping time is from 10pm to around 2pm. This sleeping plan balances of the body and hormones naturally.


Massage to stop menstrual cramps naturally

To relieve period pain, you can massage the area below the navel where the uterus and ovaries are located with warm-natured oils such as ginger or black seed oil 3 or 4 times a day.


Does traditional medicine prohibit medicine to stop menstrual cramps?

Believing in traditional medicine is not about excess or prejudices. We should not look at traditional medicine as a miracle for the treatment any disease. Neither is it rational to believe that traditional medicine is not a good treatment. Unfortunately, extremist views at both ends of the spectrum are damaging to traditional medicine. Some extremists believe that one should not take any chemical medication or surgery or even vaccination! However, traditional medicine can be very helpful along with new medicine. The same is true about the menstruation. As demonstrated in this article, traditional medicine provides great recommendations to adopt a healthy lifestyle that would eventually help stop menstrual cramps. If period pain is not relieved with herbal teas, nutritional foods, and other plans, chemical medications prescribe by doctors for period pain relief can improve things during menstruation.

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