Clothing items that are harmful for your health

harmful Clothing

Read interesting information about harmful effects of skinny jeans, negative effects of wearing high heels and six other clothing items that are harmful for your health.

1. Harmful effects of skinny jeans

Do your legs hurt after wearing skinny jeans? Too tight pants increase pressure on the nerve endings and prevent free circulation, which can lead to numbness in the legs, followed by swelling and exacerbation of varicose veins. In addition, wearing skinny jeans rubs against the skin and increases sweating which leads to bad cases of skin excoriation, creating an ideal environment for the reproduction of bacteria.

2. Negative effects of wearing high heels

Research proves that frequent wearing of shoes with high heels changes the mechanics of walking, deforming muscles, tendons and joints of the legs. The consequences of wearing high heels persist for years and significantly increase the risk of injury in the future.

harmful Clothing

3. Can wearing flat shoes cause leg pain?

Constantly wearing flat shoes like ballet shoes, flip-flops and sandals can be no less dangerous than high heels. Flat shoes can cause pain because they do not support the foot and do not allow the muscles of the legs to function optimally, which can lead to problems with the knees and the back. Also wearing flat-soled shoes is one of the frequent causes of plantar fasciitis.

4. V-string panties

Wearing V-string panties increases the risk of bacteria transfer from the anal zone to the vaginal, provokes skin irritation due to its tightness, and increases the risk of fungal infections.

5. Heavy Purse Injury

The danger of large bags is not in their size, but in the weight of the things with which we stuff them. Carrying a heavy bag has adverse effects on your posture and gait. It overstrains muscles and joints in the neck and squeezes the shoulder ligaments, which can lead to the pinching of the nerve.

6. Slimming Corrective underwear

Slimming clothes can visually make you a couple of sizes slimmer. But at the same time, they can negative effect blood circulation and increase the risk of varicose veins. Choose the right size and do not wear corrective clothes every day.

7. Heavy Earrings

Massive earrings still remain in the trend, but the frequent wearing of heavy metal jewelry can stretch ear lobes. You can find beautiful light jewelry or wear gorgeous stud earrings any time.

8. Wool sweater

Clothing made of wool can lead to skin irritation and rashes, especially on dry skin. Wear wool sweaters on top of long-sleeved cotton shirts to minimize contact between the sweater and the body, and use moisturizers for the skin.

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