How to Help a Child with Body Image Issues

Child with Body Image Issues

“Mom! Am I fat?” Children should be lively and optimistic. For a child with body image issues, there are methods that can be adopted.

An 11-year-old boy had a strange confidence about his appearance before, but now pulls his blouse over his pants to cover his “fat” belly. Research has shown that half of middle school girls have a poor image about their appearance. For this reason, talking about and understanding the body is essential for preschoolers and after that to avoid such problems during adolescence. Lack of attention to this point can lead to a child with body image issues.


How to spot a child with body image issues

Children from the age of 7 are sensitive to their appearance. They may start thinking that being tall, slim, fit, beautiful and handsome is the only way that they can be well received by their friends! Girls like to have supple bodies and boys like to look strong.

A child with body image issues does not want to be in photos. S/he may avoid social situations and prefer isolation. S/he may express concerns over his/her appearance.

How to help a child with body image issues

Build self confidence

To help a child with body image issue, parents can increase the child’s self-esteem by recognizing the good physical features of their children.

Self-confidence is the key in helping a child with body image issues.

Child with Body Image Issues

Establish facts with a positive attitude

Children should know that many of the physical features of their bodies are related to the period before they were born and the inherited and racial characteristics. They can be shown close-ups of relatives such as grandparents, aunts, uncles, and aunts, and compare how the gene affects the body.

Parents should stop obsessing over their child’s appearance

Parents need to know that everyone grows at a different pace. Some parents are obsessed with the shortness or thinness of their son or the height and obesity of their daughters. No wonder they end up with a child with body image issues.

Talk about puberty

It is important for parents to calm themselves and their children and be patient. Obesity is a natural process of the body before puberty. It is best to start talking about the puberty process if you have a child with body image issues.

Families need to adopt a healthy lifestyle

If a child with body image issues is worried about real problems such as being too overweight, it is a sign the family needs to make some changes. Healthy lifestyle behaviors are rooted in family culture. Walking instead of driving helps regulate metabolism and make growth easier. Experience has shown that families that are more active have healthier and livelier children.

Stress, in many cases, affects the appearance of the person. Talking about good things keeps the memory of a sweet walk always in the child’s mind and exercise becomes a habit for them. In addition to exercise, a healthy diet can help your child grow in a healthy manner. Children should be taught what to eat and how to eat from a young age. Children should never be forced to eat by punishment or threats. Children who are overweight should not worry, but should be calmly taught that it is never too late to have a good body. Meals for obese children can even contain a little bit of sweets. If sweet food is cooked at home and the child is banned from eating, they will be skeptical of their diet.

Many children are known to eat irregularly, and this is not always a problem. Most children don’t eat 3 meals a day, but they get the calories they need to stay healthy. For every meal, protein foods can be increased in the diet. Protein foods do not cause obesity and provide the calories you need.

Highlight the strengths

A child with body image issues obsesses over appearance and forgets there are other valuable things in life. Highlighting the child’s other talents helps them to be self-confident. The words “You are so wonderful” or “You are more beautiful than ever” make children hopeful and develop a positive outlook on life, a kind of optimism they will never lose.

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