Tips to Remove Pimples on Face

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They say you get pimples on face when you have a meeting or a party to attend! Here are a few tips to prevent and remove pimples on face.

Pimples are small caused by fatty glands that are contaminated and inflamed by germs and subsequently are covered with secretions.

If you want to learn how to remove pimples on face, you must first know about the physiological cause of the pimples. For most people, pimples are the only symptom of skin problems caused by the disruption of skin oil production. In general, these parts become overactive for some reason and start producing a lot of oil or sebum, which results in them being absorbed in sebum.

How to prevent pimples on face

  • Pay attention to your food

Foods such as nuts, sauces, spices, fried foods and fats, especially saturated animal fats or butter, chocolate, cocoa, creamy desserts, ice cream, red meat, excessive coffee, chips, salty and spicy snacks can irritate the skin. Some people are not allergic to these substances, but most are particularly susceptible to pimples on the skin, especially adolescents. So be careful to consume them in moderation and special care to prevent pimples on face.

  • Know your skin type
  • Excess oil on the skin can often cause pimples.
  • Treat Infections

Sometimes an infectious spot in the body can lead to pimples. The health of teeth and tonsils is another thing to consider with regards to pimples on face.


Take care of your mental health

Worries and nervousness and emotions are also factors in the emergence of pimples of face. One of the most important issues is the relaxation of the nerves which is one of the factors of skin health. You can relax with the help of exercise. So if you want good and healthy skin, always keep yourself calm.

Get better sleep

Insomnia and sleeping problems are other effective causes.


To remove pimples on face, you can use homemade creams and masks.

Remove Pimples on Face

Homemade remedies to remove pimples on face

Many people agree that the use of harsh chemicals, aggressive scrubbing, and even peeling under the doctor’s supervision can really make the skin more sensitive and aggravate the problem of pimples on face. Therefore, for the periodic pimples with limited appearance, it is better to find non-aggressive and more natural solutions to remove pimples on face.


Natural facial cleansing cream to remove pimples on face

You can remove pimples on face by applying the following cream:

Ingredients: 1 cup of rose water, 2 tablespoons of fennel, 2 g of barley flour, 2 egg whites and a teaspoon of lanolin and 2 apples

Pour apples, fennel, barley and rosehips into a pan and heat up the water steam, then whisk the egg whites and add vanillin.

Pour the ingredients into a strainer and keep the resulting liquid in the refrigerator. Soak the skin for a few minutes each time before applying it, and then apply the cream on it for half an hour. Rinse and apply an oil-free moisturizer.


Onions to remove pimples on face

Onions and onion juice are very effective when you want to remove pimples on face. You can peel and cut two or three medium onions and cook it in a small amount of water. Steep it until it is fully cooked and there is no water left. Wrap the cooked onions in a clean cotton cloth. Apply on the pimples and after a few minutes wash and dry the skin and apply an oil-free moisturizing cream.

Tip: Never press any nails on the pimples because the contaminations beneath your nails increase the infection.

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