How to stop hair loss due to weight loss diet

stop hair loss due to weight loss

In this post, the causes of hair loss and strategies to stop hair loss due to weight loss diet will be explored.

Maybe you are a little overweight and you start your diet to get fit, but a few days or weeks after the start of the weight loss diet, your hair starts to fall. If you leave the diet, it means you have wasted all your time and if you do nothing about your hair loss, you will end up with thinner hair. So you need to pay attention to your diet so you can both lose weight and have beautiful hair at the same time. A good diet based on science does not cause hair loss. In this article we will explain when hair loss occurs, to what extent it is natural, and what treatments are available to stop hair loss due to weight loss diet.

What is hair loss?

Hair loss or alopecia is a term for the loss of hair in the head or any other part of the body. Losing one hundred strands of hair a day from all parts of the body is perfectly normal, but if the hair loss is greater than that, a solution should be sought.

What causes hair loss?

Hair loss happens due to a variety of factors, one or a combination of which can lead to this problem.

1. Hereditary Hair Loss

The first and most common cause of hair loss is genetic factors. This problem often occurs with age and in the form of predictable patterns. Hair loss appears in the form of hair retraction in men, and in the form of hair thinning in women.

2. Hormonal Changes and Diseases

Various factors, such as hormonal changes and medications, cause permanent and temporary hair loss. These hormonal changes include childbirth, pregnancy, thyroid problems and menopause. Diseases such as alopecia areata are also causes of hair loss.

3. Medications or Drugs

One of the side effects of taking medications is hair loss. Medications that are prescribed for depression, cancer, heart problems and hypertension can also aggravate hair loss.

4. Stress

Shock from stressful events is an important factor in hair loss. This problem is temporary and will be resolved after a while.

5. Excessive Stretching of Hair or any Other Aggressive Treatment

Stretching hair too much can also lead to hair loss. The use of hot oils in oil therapy can cause inflammation of the follicles and consequently damage the hair.

6. Hair loss due to Weight Loss Diet

People who take strict diet regimens, where many foods, proteins, vitamins and minerals are eliminated, may suffer from hair loss. It should be noted, however, that hair loss may have hereditary, genetic or medicinal reasons that exacerbate this problem with dieting.

What causes hair loss due to weight loss diet?

The human body has about 100,000 hair strands. These strands grow through the bulbs and shed nearly 50-100 strands of hair daily in a normal (diet-free) manner. But the bulbs again bring new strands of hair that fill the place of the fallen hair. The link between the bulb and hair is strengthened by the consumption of vitamins. Hair is also a shaft that is stored in a container of minerals and vitamins. This container may use the stored vitamins to compensate for the deficiency of vitamins by weight loss. As a result, hair follicles also become deficient and begin to loosen and thus hair loss due to weight loss diet occurs.

About a month after starting the diet, the body may develop vitamin deficiency, and the bonds between the hair and hair bulb are weakened by the lack of vitamin, and the hair loss exceeds the normal limit of 100 a day. This causes concern for people who are observing a diet for weight loss. In fact, after losing the first 14-15 pounds of weight, people will probably lose hair. Rapid weight loss causes hair loss as the body’s vitamins decrease rapidly. Of course, hair loss due to weight loss diet is temporary and reversible, unless one already has one or some of the problems stated above. Lack of oil, such as oilseeds in the diet, can also make the scalp dry and itchy, which can also lead to hair loss.

The main causes of hair loss due to weight loss, therefore, include:

1. Rapid weight loss

2. Iron deficiency

3. Zink, magnesium, and protein deficiency

4. A, B, and D vitamins deficiency

The best diet to stop hair loss due to weight loss diet

Overweight people may begin to lose weight based on a physician’s diet and exercise plan or a single-diet regimen. In diets where the physician considers a person’s physical condition, all the necessary nutrients, such as protein, are present. But in unregulated diets one consumes only one nutrient or many groups are eliminated. For example, in some diets bread and rice are eliminated and the first problem that emerges is hair loss. Those who follow a weight loss diet are divided into two groups: those who, according to the nutritionist, follow a regular diet, in contrast to people who use the Internet or those who have heard about a diet from friends and acquaintances. There are also sometimes diets that eliminate one’s meat or eggs, resulting in weak hair follicles and hair loss. People with a weight loss diet may limit the intake of certain foods, resulting in iron deficiency. As you know, one of the most important causes of hair loss is iron and protein deficiency, and most doctors prescribe iron supplements, vitamins B, D, zinc, calcium and protein. So eat fruits and vegetables, carbohydrates, rice and whole grains protein, etc. in your diet to keep your hair healthy and stop hair loss due to weight loss diet.

To stop hair loss due to weight loss diet, you should get enough protein and vitamins.

stop hair loss due to weight loss

How to stop hair loss due to weight loss diet

Strategy #1 to stop hair loss due to weight loss: Mineral Multivitamin

This multivitamin is a set of vitamins and minerals that can eliminate the deficiencies that a person may develop due to the diet. People who want to gain weight should take this multivitamin at night and people who are trying to lose weight or feel tired should take it in the morning.

Strategy #2 to stop hair loss due to weight loss: Zinc Plus Consumption

Because women consume less meat and beans, they should offset this zinc deficiency by consuming zinc supplement every other day. Zinc Plus is one of the useful supplements to provide the zinc needed for the body. Of course, you should know that pregnant women have good hair growth and no hair loss due to increased progesterone levels, but after the birth, hair loss starts which is the normal phase. Hair loss is normal for up to 3 months after delivery due to a lack of protein, calcium and iron.

Strategy #3 to stop hair loss due to weight loss: Increased protein intake

Meats such as red meat, poultry and fish contain a lot of protein. Since there are limits on the amount of food consumed in your diet, you can replace the same amount of calories you should get from less nutritious foods with protein.

Strategy #4 to stop hair loss due to weight loss: Increased dairy intake

Dairy products are high in calcium and protein. Two essentials to boost hair growth. To stop hair loss due to weight loss diet, it is advisable to use dairy products and use it with vitamin D for better absorption of calcium.

Strategy #5 to stop hair loss due to weight loss: Oil massage

At night before bed, massage the scalp with coconut and almond oil to warm in the scalp. Rinse the hair after half an hour with a low pH shampoo. This stimulates the hair follicles for better hair growth and helps stop hair loss due to weight loss diet.

Strategy #6 to stop hair loss due to weight loss: B vitamin supplements

B Vitamins are neither soluble in water nor fat. Although many of our foods contain B vitamins, they are stored in small quantities. Like vitamin C, they are either absorbed or excreted in the body.


If you follow these strategies to stop hair loss due to weight loss diet, rest assured that any hair fall that you are experiencing right now is temporary (4-6 months). After this time, hair revival usually starts and continues at a normal pace.

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