Is it normal to feel chills during pregnancy?

chills during pregnancy

Feeling chills during pregnancy does not necessarily mean you are sick. Here are the reasons behind feeling chills during pregnancy.

Many women feel hot flashes during pregnancy, but there are some who feel chills during pregnancy and want a jacket or a blanket always with them. But is it normal to feel chills during pregnancy? Is it related to colds and viral diseases? What is the most important reason for feeling chills during pregnancy?

If you have chills during pregnancy, don’t be afraid, you’re not sick.

Common causes of chills during pregnancy

Feeling chills during pregnancy is very different from the common cold and flu. Chills during pregnancy is only related to a few pregnancy-related factors. The most important causes of chills during pregnancy can be summarized as follows:

  • Hormonal changes

For many women, hormonal fluctuations cause constant warming or hot flashes. Pregnancy hormones alter the body’s metabolism. Changes in metabolism can lead to hot flashes. On the other hand, the body tries to balance this heat, but it can sometimes be over-compensated and cause a cold sensation that leads to feeling chills during pregnancy.

chills during pregnancy

  • Morning nausea or morning sickness

If you are a pregnant woman experiencing nausea or sickness, you may also feel chills during pregnancy. Lack of water can affect the amount of fuel needed to maintain body temperature, which can lead to feeling cold. The good news is, even if you feel the cold, the fetus is soft and warm. So if you have nausea during pregnancy and feel cold, be careful with your body water. It is best to eat low-calorie foods and drink natural fluids and, above all, water.

  • Anemia

In most cases, feeling chills during pregnancy is not a cause for concern. Anemia may cause this feeling of cold. According to researchers, about 15% to 20% of pregnant women are anemic. You can increase your natural iron absorption through your diet.

Infection can also cause chills during pregnancy. Some pregnant women develop urinary tract infections during this period. If you do not have a fever but have a burning sensation and sometimes feel cold, it is best to consult a specialist. Read more about urinary tract infection in pregnancy.

Does feeling chills during pregnancy indicate miscarriage?

There is no definite scientific evidence that proves chills during pregnancy to be a symptom or a sign of miscarriage. As mentioned, hormones, along with a number of other factors, can trigger chills during pregnancy. So feeling cold in early pregnancy is not a known symptom or a sign of miscarriage.

chills during pregnancy

Does having chills during pregnancy tell me anything about the baby’s sex?

Some believe that the feeling of chills during pregnancy is related to having a baby boy in the womb. There is, of course, no scientific evidence for this.


How to control the feeling of chills during pregnancy?

As long as you can keep yourself warm. This will help your body to circulate blood regularly. When you feel cold, drink a warm drink and cover yourself with a warm blanket.

Drink water if the sensation of cold is related to morning nausea and vomiting. It is also best to drink lukewarm water to counter the feeling of chills during pregnancy. Because cold water may exacerbate the cold.

If this cold sensation is related to anemia, be sure to take the pills prescribed by your doctor. Try to adjust your diet to get more iron.

If you always feel cold, wear warm clothing and reduce clothes when you are hot.

Avoid taking antibiotics and any medicines without the permission of a specialist, as the feeling of cold does not disappear with eating.

Be sure to consult a specialist about using herbal remedies.

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