Healthy and Easy Vegetarian Sandwiches

Easy Vegetarian Sandwiches

If you crave some delicious meatless food, try this recipe for healthy and easy vegetarian sandwiches guaranteed to be loved by everyone.

Sometimes, you want a healthy, affordable, and tasty sandwich that can be prepared in a short time and does not need meat. Here is a recipe for potato-and-egg-based delicious and easy vegetarian sandwiches that will get you hooked for life.

You need boiled potatoes and eggs for these tasty easy vegetarian sandwiches.


Crispy Potato sandwich filling for easy vegetarian sandwiches

One of the best easy vegetarian sandwiches is this special potato-based recipe for a healthy sandwich.

Ingredients for three crispy mashed potato-based easy vegetarian sandwiches

Potatoes                              3 average sized

Eggs                                       2

Fine breadcrumbs           1 tablespoon

Turmeric                              ½ teaspoon

Salt and pepper

Onion (optional)               1 small-sized






Easy Vegetarian Sandwiches

How to make these potato-based easy vegetarian sandwiches

Boil the potatoes with peels for about 40 minutes until they are rather soft and cooked. Peel the boiled potatoes and mash or grate them until they are completely mashed. You can also grate a small raw onion, throw away the juice, and add the juiceless grated onion to the potatoes. Add the eggs, fine breadcrumbs (alternatively you can use flour), turmeric, and a little pepper and salt and mix them all well with a spoon or food handling gloved hands. The resultant dough-like mixture should be totally consistent. Taste a small amount of the mixture to see whether it has enough pepper and salt.

Put a pan on the stove and pour some oil in it until the oil covers all parts of the pan and stands about 1 millimeter above the surface of the pan. With wet or oil covered food handling gloved hands (or completely clean and washed hands), take enough of the mixture that would be the size of a small lemon when you give it a round shape. Then roll it with your palms a little bit and spread it smoothly on the palm of your hand into an oval shape with 2 millimeters height. By now, the pan and the oil should be hot. Smooth out the edges with your finger and put it slowly in the pan and let it try. Once one side is crispy, turn it around for the other side. Continue this process until you have as many pieces of these delicious crispy potato sandwich fillings as you want.

Serve the hot sandwich fillings with bread, and sliced cucumbers and tomatoes and parsley. You can eat these easy vegetarian sandwiches with mayonnaise, ketchup, or most of the other sauce.

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