How to Burn 100 Calories in 10 Minutes

Burn Calories fast

Burn calories almost as fast as you consume them with these exercises designed to burn 100 calories in 10 minutes.

Every time I calculate calories in various foods (especially delicious ones), I am amazed at the blatant imbalance between the rapid accumulation of calories and their horribly slow burning. We can eat only one tiny chocolate without even noticing this process, and then we have long hours to pay in the gym for this little pleasure. It’s enough just to sit once at a festive table, and after that you will have to run for a long time on the nearest treadmill. No, it’s horribly unfair! But there are ways to burn 100 calories in 10 minutes.

1. Stairs

There is no better way to get a load on the whole body than interval training. Combine exercises of different intensity for maximum result in the shortest possible time. For example, try to climb up the stairs, make a few light exercises at the top, and then go down. Repeat this for 10 minutes.

2. Rock Climbing

You can quite successfully walk and run on flat ground, but when you try to climb up a steep wall, you will realize that this is a rather difficult task. This training will not only help you burn about 118 calories in 10 minutes, but will also show what your excess weight really matters.

3. Go Biking

Biking, intensive training on the simulator, including stretches of ordinary intensity and sprints, will help you burn 139 calories in 10 minutes.

4. Football

You will not spend much energy by just standing on the field, but an intense fight for the ball, acceleration and dribbling will burn 107 calories in 10 minutes. It is also an excellent workout for the whole body, because it includes many different movements not only for the legs, but also for other muscle groups.

5. Dumbbells

Simple exercises with dumbbells, performed with the maximum level of intensity, can benefit you for 10 minutes almost like a long workout. Various jumps, squats and flies with dumbbells will help not only to lose extra pounds, but also to develop a beautiful musculature.

6. Skipping rope

There is no better way to increase your pulse, almost without leaving your place, than working out with a jumping rope. If you do this even at a moderate pace (this is when you can still talk in the process), then your body will burn about 107 calories in 10 minutes. Of course, you cannot jump for a long time at first, so try to do it 40 seconds, and then 20 seconds to rest. And do so 10 times in a row.

7. Step

Step aerobics is still one of the best ways to burn many calories for a small amount of time – up to 107 calories per 10 minutes. This is an intensive aerobics using any stand simulating a step. The movements performed during the training are completely natural and accessible to anyone, regardless of health status and level of preparation. In addition, this type of physical activity does not require expensive equipment – they can easily be performed at home.

Burn Calories fast

Step aerobics is a wonderful way to burn calories at home.

8. Jumping

You do not need any equipment for plyometric exercises, but with their help you can lose about 100 calories in 10 minutes. Plyometric exercises use explosive, rapid movements for the development of muscle strength and speed. One of the main exercises of this technique is the vertical jump.

9. Martial arts

Perhaps, you will not become a great fighter, but a steady working with a punching bag will burn 107 calories in just 10 minutes. Want more results? Then put on heavy gloves and you can leave behind 300 calories in 22 minutes.

10. Acceleration

If you are already engaged in any sport, but feel that there is no progress, then try to add speed intervals to your normal workout. Find a hill and run to its top, try to swim as quickly as possible during a workout in the pool or accelerate when riding a bike. Make sure that small intervals of the highest intensity are replaced by small rest periods.

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