The Best Home Remedies to Remove Stretch Marks

Remove Stretch Marks

Some of the important home remedies to remove stretch marks include massaging the skin to keep blood circulating or keeping the skin moist.

The skin of every human body is the most important protective cover of the person, which is also very significant in their beauty aspect. In this regard, understanding the skin and its problems helps us to deal with problems properly.

Most people, even adolescents, can be affected by stretch marks. These skin cracks are found in 70% of pregnant women, and these marks sometimes can even cause depression in women and men.

The ruptures that occur on the skin are called Stretch Marks. These skin cracks are caused by stretching of the layers of the skin caused by the removal of layers from the skin due to obesity, weight loss and pregnancy, and so on.

Occasionally, these cracks appear reddish, pinkish-red, brown or white; the following are some of the things that cause stretch marks to appear on the skin.

Causes of stretch marks

Weight loss, pregnancy, weight gain, sudden growth, puberty and obesity are some of the causes that lead to stretch marks on the skin.

Excessive weight gain causes stretching of the skin and is the main cause of this problem; also the loss of collagen, poor nutrition, and rapid obesity in children can lead to the appearance of stretch marks.

These cracks are commonly seen in areas such as the buttocks, thighs, arms, chest and abdomen. Even some athletes have stretch marks.


The best strategies to prevent stretch marks

Eating healthy and avoiding non-regular weight loss regimens, using abdominal stretch mark creams during pregnancy, eating foods containing vitamin D, C, maintaining a balanced weight, along with regular exercise and the use of vitamin E creams are the best treatment to prevent stretch marks from occurring.

The main and most effective way to prevent stretch marks is to curb weight gain or loss, meaning that your plan to gain and lose weight should be reasonable and gradual.

When you go through weight gain or loss over a short period of time, you are bound to experience complications such as severe skin ruptures, wrinkles, and stretch marks.


Causes of stretch marks

The main reason for the ruptures in the skin is the collapse of the collagen fibers. The fibers present in the body skin that are responsible for the elasticity of the skin can lose their strength and resistance due to the sharp increase / decrease in volume. They lose themselves and become separated, and the result is sometimes severe ruptures.


Stretch marks in pregnancy

As women become pregnant and have a noticeable and rapid increase in abdominal volume, the breakdown of collagen fibers lead to skin rupture and the appearance of stretch marks.



Of course, genetics should also be mentioned. Some people are better protected from such ruptures because of their genetics and their collagen and skin strands which are more resistant than usual.


 Tips to remove stretch marks at home

Remove Stretch Marks

Massage to remove stretch marks

Some of the important home remedies to remove stretch marks include massaging the skin to keep blood circulating or keeping the skin moist. Massaging the cracked areas of the skin helps reduce these symptoms. This method is safe and completely natural and has yielded positive results in many people.

Castor oil can also be used as a home remedy to remove stretch marks. Rub the area with the oil, cover it with plastic, and keep it warm for 1 hour.

Aloe vera gel, cocoa butter, lavender oil and herbal lotions are effective remedies to remove stretch marks.

Massaging the skin with Vitamin E oils will also help remove stretch marks.

You can also use these creams and oils after showering.


Oil massage helps remove stretch marks


Tanning to remove stretch marks

Natural tanning can help alleviate stretch marks as you’re the outer layer of the skin becomes flaky after sun exposure and your new skin will be smoother. Just make sure you have used proper sunscreen to prevent sunburns.


Diet to remove stretch marks

Eat foods that contain vitamins a, e, c throughout the day, and make sure that these foods are healthy and fresh. Vitamin K found in green leafy vegetables, meat, tomatoes and dairy products can also be effective in treating stretch marks.

These vitamins are essential for the production of collagen fibers in the body, so you can use dietary supplements containing these vitamins if necessary.

Zinc-containing foods can also be used, and supplements may also be recommended.

It is also advisable to use essential fatty acids that are now available and marketed as dietary supplements.

Stay hydrated

Dehydration lead to deterioration of skin problems over time, so consuming enough water throughout the day can be essential for skin health.


Laser treatment to remove stretch marks

If necessary, modern laser treatments are one of the ways to remove stretch marks, but in most cases stretch marks can be eliminated with resilience over a period of time without resorting to laser treatment and only by applying the above recommendations.

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