How to take care of a child in crowded places

take care of a child

In order to take care of a child in busy places so you do not lose or harm them, you need to get prepared in advance.

1. Your child’s outfit must be noticeable

The child’s outfit must be visible in the crowd. And just a bright color may not be enough. A girl in pink will not be easy to distinguish among her peers in similar suits. To take care of a child in a crowded place, you need to think carefully about what they are putting on, so that the eye distinguishes them quickly from the crowd.

If you think these measures to take care of a child in a crowded place are inadequate, give the child something that s/he can raise above herself/himself: an umbrella for example. But do not forget to instruct them what to do with this inventory when they do not find you around.

2. Practice important information with them

If they are old enough, teach children what their name is, how old they are, what are the names and surnames of his parents, and also if possible your contact information. This information will help if the baby is found by other adults who want to help. So volunteers will be able to reach you or make an announcement on the speakerphone.

It is even better to give the child a badge with all the necessary information. Just in case, write in it information about your flight or train.

3. Take a photo of your child

Before you leave the house take a picture of the fully dressed baby. Then, when searching, you will not have to painfully remember s/he was wearing or fear that the officers will not correctly imagine what a turquoise T-shirt looks like with the Twilight Sparkle!

take care of a child

Preparing in advance in the best way to care of a child in a crowded place

4. Assign a meeting place

With older children, you can agree that if you lost each other, you will meet under a large scoreboard in the center of the hall or at the entrance to the cafe. The collection point is best determined when you are already on the site. It is important that the landmark does not have a backup. If you arrange to meet at the entrance to the toilet, for example, the chances of finding each other will be lower, as there are plenty of restrooms at the airport.

It is important that your kids learn that if they lost you, they need to stand still. You can find them if you follow your route in the opposite direction.

5. Explain the rules of conduct in public places

Before traveling, it is better to repeat them again. If it seems to you that you have talked a hundred times that you cannot go out with strangers, pull out your hand because you saw something interesting, or play hide and seek in the crowd, say it for the one hundred-and-first time.

6. Tell them who can help

You have explained to the child with whom they cannot communicate and leave. But you need to tell them about whom they can turn to for help. Explain to them how these people look.

Depending on the place, it could be policemen, airport employees, or employees of one of the cafes in the waiting room. The police and official representatives of the stations and airports are in uniform, so find photos beforehand and show the child to remember what the clothes of those who can be asked for help look like. To these people, they must say or show your contact information.

7. Stay calm

If you lost each other, it is important to avoid panic. Tell the child beforehand that in this situation you will find them. The main thing is to follow all the instructions. Try to keep calm yourself. It is important for you to clearly think and think through all possible search scenarios.

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