Nutritious Baby Food Recipes for 6-12 Months

baby food recipes

Here are some wonderfully delicious and nutritious baby food recipes for 6-12 months old infants.


Here are baby food recipes to make the best porridges, purees, and soups


Two Rice Flour Porridge Baby Food Recipes

The following two methods can be used to make porridge:


The first method:

  • Rice flour (half a tablespoon)
  • Sugar (half a tablespoon)
  • Milk (preferably breast milk) (two and a half tablespoons)

The rice flour should first be cooked with a little water and sugar. Then add 2.5teapoons of milk. The porridge consistency should be slightly higher than breast milk. If any milk other than breast milk is used, it should be boiled beforehand.

baby food recipes

The second method:

  • Rice flour (half a tablespoon)
  • Sugar (half a tablespoon)
  • Pasteurized milk (120 cc, equivalent to half an ordinary glass)

In this method, first boil 120 cc of pasteurized milk for 10 minutes, then add boiled and cooled water to reach 120 cc again, then add flour and sugar to the milk and heat again to reach the consistency of porridge.

Note: Half a tablespoon is a spoonful of 5 cc like a spoonful of baby syrup.


Almond porridge

The preparation is quite similar to the rice flour porridge. Half a tablespoon of peeled and grated (or finely crushed) almonds is added to the flour and sugar.

Almond porridge and rice flour porridge can be used one day in between for ease of work and variety in infant food.


  • Lean meat the size of an average egg in the order of preference for mutton, poultry, and beef.
  • Half a tablespoon of rice
  • One third of an average carrot

After the meat is slightly cooked, rice and carrots are added. Once cooked thoroughly, mix all the soup ingredients and soften to obtain the porridge concentration.

Three other ingredient clusters with the same baby food recipes for soup:

Chicken meat, carrots, rice, parsley and potatoes

Lamb, green beans, rice, coriander and tomatoes

Veal, squash, parsley, potatoes and tomatoes

It is ok to add a little chopped onion to the soup for a better taste. Adding a few drops of fresh lemon juice to the soup also enhances the taste and absorption of iron.


Every three days a single kind of vegetable is added to the soup: such as parsley, coriander, beans, zucchini, celery, etc.

Condiments, salt or sugar should not be added to the soup.

It is best to cook zucchini, celery and green beans first and then add them to the soup.

Vegetables should be added at the last minute of cooking soup. Close the lid so that its vitamins are not destroyed.

Spinach is not allowed until one year of age.


Mashed potatoes

A medium potato is cooked after the skin is thoroughly washed. Once cooked, peel it off, then soften the potatoes with half a spoonful of butter or liquid oil, slowly adding to the pasteurized milk that has been boiled to bring it to the desired softness and concentration.


Carrot puree

Carrot puree is similar to mashed potatoes. A medium carrot is first thoroughly washed and peeled and boiled with a little water and then butter and milk are added.

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