Natural Blood Increasing Foods and Methods

Here are the best natural blood increasing foods and ways that help fight anemia according to traditional medicine.

Blood Increasing

In traditional medicine hematopoietic blood increasing foods are highly versatile and there are many methods and foods available for the natural treatment of anemia. Any warm-natured, naturally occurring food can be potentially blood increasing, affecting one’s personality, behaviors, and even perceptions. Also, there are life-style options that help your body build better blood.


The are foods and plants in nature that have blood increasing effects



The purer and cleaner the air (the more oxygen it contains), the purer and better becomes the blood; Contaminated air (containing atmospheric pollutants) will create contaminated blood.


One of the best blood increasing foods is honey; in traditional medicine, it is believed that once good honey enters the liver, it becomes blood; this food, in addition to being nutritious, has medicinal properties.

Sesame seeds

Another food that has blood increasing properties is sesame; it is recommended to chew and eat one to two tablespoons of sesame each night at dinner; eating this oily seed helps strengthen hair, eyes, ovaries and the testicles.


Carrots are not only useful for the eye, they are also useful for strengthening the body’s sexual organs, and are extremely good for building good blood. But it is recommended to run or walk for a few minutes after drinking carrot juice.

It is worth noting that any food that is beneficial to the reproductive organs is also beneficial to the eye because these two organs absorb the most delicate portion of the daily food we eat.


Blood increasing food mixed recipe

A combination of ground coriander seeds, ginger powder, ground dried cloves, ground, cardamom, hemp seeds, ground whole wheat, sesame seeds, ground roasted lentils, etc. It is recommended to mix one to two tablespoons of this mixture in a glass of milk or water and drink it.


Blood increasing broth

Meat broth with lots of chickpeas is a great blood increasing meal. It is recommended to cook the broth with low flame and to chew it completely when eating for better digestion.


Another blood increasing iron-rich food is the currant. Eating 21 currants in the morning before breakfast is very healthy for the blood. Also, don’t forget to eat currants for your brain’s health and to increase memory.

Dried figs and prunes

Another way to get blood increasing foods include eating seven dried figs with breakfast and 9-12 prunes with lunch.


Blood increasing herbs and fruits that help eliminate anemia

Among the herbs and fruits that have blood increasing effects are alfalfa, nettle, clover, jujube, barberry, cherry, pomegranate and apple.

You can combine these blood increasing herbs and fruits with other foods and drinks you take daily. For example, alfalfa or clover can be mixed with your salad.

You can mix two tablespoons of grape syrup in a cup of nettle extract, and drink.

Pour two tablespoons of cherry or sour cherry juice in a cup of chamomile tea, and drink.

Boil thyme and seven jujube with three glasses of water and drink the resulted tea.

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