Alopecia cure home remedies

treatment of alopecia

If you are losing your hair at a rather young age, you should not worry. With these alopecia cure home remedies, you can reverse the hair loss process.

There are many people who are experiencing alopecia even at so young an age as twenty-five. Cosmetology and medical centers in vain offer their help in resolving this issue. They recommend using all sorts of procedures and treatments for hair loss. Nevertheless, many people with hair loss are not in a hurry to spend big money on cosmetologists and doctors, preferring to fight baldness at home with alopecia cure home remedies. Take heart because these natural alopecia home remedies often prove successful!

Female hair loss treatment home remedies

There are many mediations and remedies that claim to be able to treat of alopecia in women. Medicine recommended the use of medicinal treatments such as special ointments and shampoos, while traditional healers recommend taking decoctions and other alopecia cure home remedies. Often it is quite enough just to take some vitamins and make a few changes in one’s lifestyle and diet in order to stop hair loss.

Many women are concerned about the question of which shampoos can be used to treat alopecia at home and whether it can help at all. Shampoo is not able to provide real help, due to the fact that the hair falls out due to internal problems, whether it is a head injury or chemical poisoning. However, shampoo can help in the event that the hair fell out as a result of improper care for them or lack of vitamins and nutrients.

We should not forget that to cure hair loss, it is recommended to buy hair loss shampoo only at pharmacies or stores of the relevant profile. The best option is the one in which the company producing hair loss shampoo has in the profile of its activities production of medical cosmetics. You should not buy hair loss shampoo in the store products that are available in a wide consumer market, as these shapoos are unlikely to treat baldness.

Alopecia very often occurs because of deficiency of vitamins and nutrition. It is worth noting that most often the hair begins to fall out in the spring, because the body is tired during the winter and does not send necessary amount of vitamins to the hair follicles to maintain their normal state.

In this case, the treatment of alopecia in women is reduced to taking complexes of vitamins and fixing the daily diet. Daily diet to treat hair loss should contain as many nuts, vegetable oils, green vegetables and oily fish as possible.

The most desirable for the hair are vitamins of groups B, E, A and C. In the event that it is not possible to obtain them from food, you can use pharmaceutical vitamins or dietary supplements.

treatment of alopecia

Alopecia areata or spot baldness treatment at home

Alopecia areata is a fairly rare disease that occurs in adults, children, men and women. This pathology deserves the attention of science, since it is still unclear why the sudden bald spot occurs.

Spot baldness may suddenly begin and end unexpectedly as well. An outbreak of the disease can have a different duration, it can cause a loss of a large amount of hair or end within a week. In this case, the affected area may be small. Alopecia areata causes are still not well studied.

There is also no consensus on how to treat spot baldness. There are a lot of similar spot baldness treatments, and none of them can be considered universal, due to the fact that there are various reasons causing this condition. If we are talking about spot baldness treatment at home, the prescription of drugs, both local and systemic, is possible. It can be immunomodulators, corticosteroids, mineral-vitamin complexes, and medications with sedative properties.

All these medications and procedures, ultimately, have as their goal the stimulation of the hair growth process. The treatment course can be prescribed taking into account the age of the patient, the time course of the pathological process, and the total area of ​​baldness spots

Medical methods for spot baldness treatment

Treatment of bald spots with medical methods is reduced to the introduction of glucocorticosteroids into the foci of pathology. The purpose of therapy lies in the joint action of drugs of the immunosuppressive type. This method of bald spot treatment does not have the proper effect if the area of ​​the lesion is more than half of the skin on which hair growth takes place.

Today, treatment with corticosteroids is considered to be ineffective even if it is combined with the use of carriers that contribute to a deeper penetration of hormonal drugs.

Conducting topical immunosuppressive therapy for alopecia areata involves the use of diphenylcycloferon, dinitrochlorobenzene, dibutyl ether.

With the right systemic use of steroids, it becomes possible to reverse the process of the progression of alopecia areata.

Bald spot home remedies

Traditional medicine offers a certain set of tools for bald spot treatment.

Twenty pieces of walnuts, peeled from the shell, are crushed and mixed with 100 ml of some vegetable oil. The resulting mixture should be rubbed at bedtime in the skin areas affected by the disease.

Red pepper tincture is prepared by mixing four medium-sized red peppers into half a liter of vodka and soaking them for three weeks in a dark, dry place. The mixture should be daily rubbed on the bald spots.

A few garlic cloves are crushed to a pasty state, and applied to the bald spots for a couple of hours. After completion of the procedure, the spot should be washed with shampoo. The procedure should be carried out for weeks and with a pause of ten days between them.

For two months every day, rub aloe juice on the bald spots. After a month break, repeat the procedure.

A tablespoon of fresh onion mixed with turnip oil and hot water is applied to the lesion site for two hours, then washed off with a shampoo. It is necessary to repeat this process three times during the week.

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