How to get rid of bloating at home

How to get rid of bloating

If you are wondering how to get rid of bloating at home, this post will offer you the best and most effective methods to relieve bloating and prevent its occurrence in the future.

What causes bloating in the stomach?

Very often the cause of bloating is the ingestion of foods that cause fermentation and the subsequent formation of gases. These include soda, as well as fresh flour products and products of the confectionery industry. In order to prevent fermentation and bloating in the stomach, it is best to limit the consumption of muffin and sweets, fresh black bread, potatoes and legumes. You can also limits the consumption of foods that contain significant amounts of fiber, starch, and carbohydrates of light assimilation.


Causes of bloating and gas formation in women

The main causes of increased gas formation and bloating in women are the consumption of large quantities of carbonated drinks and excessive swallowing of air in the process of eating. For a long time, such processes may not cause any concern, since the walls of the intestine are well absorbed by the gases, which can also be eliminated naturally.

In addition, such bloating in women can be caused by eating foods that contain coarse fiber and cause fermentation. Overeating food, poor digestion of absorbed food, as well as talking while eating are the main culprits for the occurrence of bloating in women.


Causes of bloating in men

The causes of bloating in men are most often overeating food or eating a large amount of incompatible foods. In some cases we can talk about the development of a serious disease. In particular, this happens with the inability of the pancreas to produce the enzymes required for full digestion of food. In such cases, swelling in men after eating becomes a typical phenomenon.

Another reason may be the individual intolerance to the body of an adult male to lactose or wheat protein. Due to congenital intolerance and aging, in particular, the body of the elderly has no ability to produce enzymes that promote the absorption of lactose.


Causes of bloating in a child

If we are talking about bloating in a child under the age of one year, the reason should be sought in the functional immaturity of the child’s digestive system and its nervous system. Most often, this situation does not require medical intervention, since it is not a pathology. The child is unable to signal his own poor state of health, but it becomes understandable to parents if the child cries from abdominal pain, refuses to eat and /herhis stomach shape changes. The abdomen of the child at the same time becomes rounded and tense. Also, in such cases, the baby hardly escapes gases, and has a disturbed sleep.


How to get rid of bloating home

There are many ways to eliminate bloating at home. Choosing the right one can be done both independently and on the recommendation of the attending physician.


How to relieve bloating with massage

Massage for bloating can be performed independently, without the help of a doctor or a massage therapist. Often, bloating is accompanied by unpleasant feelings in it, increasing discomfort and a desire to eliminate this condition as soon as possible. In such cases, it is enough to perform several circular movements in different directions along the lower abdomen. This will help to eliminate discomfort quickly enough, as well as remove gases from the intestine.

Massage with abdominal distention can be performed several times a day until there are persistent signs of improvement in the general condition.


Exercises for bloating

When abdominal distension is recommended to perform certain exercises, the action of which is aimed at eliminating the accumulated gases. It also provides high-quality prevention of the subsequent formation of gas in the stomach. To improve intestinal motility, you should strain your stomach and relax it up to 15 times during the day. In addition, you can perform other exercises to bring in the proper tone of the abdominal cavity. They consist in tightening the legs to the stomach from a prone position on the back. At the same time, legs are wrapped around their hands. Accepted posture lasts up to two minutes. Exercise should be done up to five times per day.

You can bend over your back, bend your knees. The palms are placed on the stomach and when exhaling, light pressure is applied to it. At the same time breathing is held for several seconds. Then the stroking movements in opposite directions are performed. With exhalation, pressure is relieved and the stomach is blown out. It is recommended to combine the exercise with drinking strong tea. You can repeat up to five times a day.


How to get rid of bloating at home

We recommend the following methods for getting rid of bloating at home, which involve changes in the diet.


Diet to relieve bloating

The basic rules for the formation of a diet with abdominal distention suggest the complete elimination of meat products, salty foods, fried foods, chips, bouillon cubes and yeast extracts from the nutritional diet. Salt should be limited to use, in addition not to use products that include sodium.

When poorly digested food should be taken in small portions, chewing carefully. It is recommended more often than usual. You do not need to drink while eating, and you should not take carbonated drinks. It is necessary to completely exclude all fat, legumes, vegetables and fruits in their raw form. Products with undissolved fiber should not be taken much.


Foods to reduce bloating

The best products for bloating are cereals: rice and buckwheat. They are very well digested and absorbed by the body. In addition, when eliminating bloating, apply fasting days. In this case, the stomach rests and the introduction of a special diet with the use of kefir in food can be considered a very good option. You can gradually move from one type of diet product to another, which guarantees the gradual restoration of normal functioning of the stomach and the excretion of gases.


How to treat bloating at home

In the treatment of abdominal distention at home should take treatment only on the recommendation of the attending physician. There are many ways of treatment and the best one is best left to a specialist.

How to get rid of bloating

Bloating treatment medication in adults

Pancreatin is recommended as an effective drug to eliminate bloating. The drug includes pancreatic enzymes, which can qualitatively change the development of the gastrointestinal tract functioning for the better, as well as lead to a normal digestive process. In medical practice, Pancreatin is considered the most optimal substitute for Mezim and Creon. The drug is taken in the amount of one to two tablets three times a day, half an hour before meals.


Probiotic for bloating

There is a widespread belief that it is probiotics that are the most appropriate means to eliminate bloating. So called strains of bacteria that regulate the body’s digestive system. The ingestion of a sufficient amount of probiotics is ensured by the use of yoghurts. Most of all bacteria contain those of them, which include a sufficient number of living and active cultures that contribute to the improvement of digestion. If necessary, to eliminate bloating is recommended to regularly eat live yogurt.


Enema from bloating

When abdominal distention should be applied enema with chamomile solution. It is quite possible to cook at home. To enhance the effect, you can add a couple of tablespoons of vegetable oil to the solution.

Do not heat the composition used for the preparation of an enema to temperatures above 40 ° C. Before installing an enema, lie on one side and pull your knees to your chest. The depth of insertion of the tip of the mug hose into the anus should not be more than 10 cm. The procedure is performed for five minutes. Enema is performed before the onset of the act of defecation, which eliminates abdominal distension and the removal of accumulated gases from it.


Activated charcoal for bloating

Activated carbon is the most common drug for bloating. Its action is based on the absorption of toxins and excess gas in the stomach, which are subsequently excreted naturally. To eliminate abdominal bloating, apply from one to three tablets before eating or with direct abdominal distension. Most often it is inexpensive, despite the fact that its price is mainly determined by the conditions of its production. However, physicians, as a rule, caution against its abuse, since in large quantities of activated carbon can cause disruption of the normal functioning of the intestine.


Home remedies for bloating

Folk remedies for bloating are used in a wide variety. Their use is not recommended without prior consultation with your doctor in order to avoid unpleasant consequences.


Herbs to relieve bloating at home

The use of herbs to eliminate bloating can qualitatively solve the problem. A short time after a plentiful meal, take a herbal infusion made from herbs: sage, cumin, and dill. You can prepare herbal infusions, using both each herb individually or in combination. In addition, among the variety of herbs that qualitatively mitigate flatulence and reduce the amount of gas in the stomach, you can select: mint, fennel, anise. After proper use of infusions of these herbs, the symptoms of flatulence are eliminated and abdominal distention disappears.


Fennel seeds for bloating

It is recommended to use in the treatment of abdominal distention dill water. It is completely harmless and even shown to the use of small children. For the preparation of means you need to pour boiling water in a volume of 300 grams of one tablespoon of fennel seeds, then insist the composition for three hours in a thermos. Then the composition must be filtered and, divided into several parts, take half an hour before meals. Reception is carried out up to four times a day.


Chamomile for bloating

The camomile pharmaceutical is rather effective remedy for elimination of abdominal distention. For the preparation of herbal broth, boil one tablespoon of the flowers of the plant in one cup of water for five minutes, then let it brew for four hours. It is necessary to drink chamomile decoction half an hour before meals four times a day. The dosage of the reception is two tablespoons.


Fennel for bloating

With bloating, you can chew dry fennel seeds one teaspoon, or use fennel to make an infusion. To do this, two tablespoons of fennel seeds are poured into a thermos half liter of boiling water, then infused for an hour and filtered. To eliminate bloating, take two tablespoons of the infusion three times a day before meals.


Mint for bloating

The use of mint provides high-quality cleansing of the intestines, and also well soothes the body. Peppermint eliminates bloating and cleanses the intestines.

When preparing the infusion used fresh, dried mint leaves, brewed in boiling water and a half cup. Then the infusion is aged for a quarter of an hour under the lid. To obtain the desired effect should be taken infusion three times a day for half an hour before meals.


Cumin from bloating

A good sedative to eliminate bloating. For the preparation of used one tablespoon of cumin, which is filled with water in a volume of 250 grams, after boiling infused quarter of an hour. Infusion is carried out under the lid. It is necessary to drink three times a day.

You can mix one teaspoon of cumin with marjoram, eat and drink water. The effect will be similar.


Collection of herbs to relieve bloating

For the treatment of bloating herbs can be used in various combinations. The choice of the components of the mixture is determined by the recommendation of the attending physician, depending on the nature of the course of the disease. Effective use of herbal combination of anise, fennel and cumin can relieve bloating in the stomach. Other options are available for the preparation of mixed herbs.


Tea to relieve bloating

Mix a pinch of thyme, a tablespoon of tea leaves, the same amount of chamomile flowers and while brewing it with hot water, add a bag of green tea. Let it brew for a quarter of an hour. It is necessary to drink this tea warm. It is also recommended to take ginger tea, as well as a mixture of peppermint, chamomile and bay leaf. Tea relieves cramps and eliminates bloating.


Abdominal Distention home remedy with baking soda

Half a tablespoon of baking soda is dissolved in a glass of distilled water. You need to drink this water 20 minutes before meals. With abdominal distension, a positive effect is achieved after three applications of baking soda solution.


Oil for bloating

When bloating occurs, it helps to take a bath with essential oils of lavender, mint, sage and basil. In addition, you can use the essential oils of these herbs for the preparation of compresses. To do this, drop five drops of oil into a glass of water and soak a gauze cloth or towel in water. Then the fabric is placed on the stomach for half an hour.


Garlic for bloating

Garlic is dried and ground in a coffee grinder. After that, it should be taken twice a day at the tip of the knife, immediately after a meal. Garlic can be stored in a sealed glass container.


How to relieve bloating fast with lemon

  1. Chewing on a lemon with peel reduces the total amount of gas in the intestine.
  2. You can also prepare a mixture of ginger and lemon juice. Its preparation involves grinding the ginger root to the consistency of powder, followed by mixing it with the extruded lemon juice.
  3. Five grams of ginger powder, one tablespoon of lemon juice and a pinch of salt are mixed together.  This bloating remedy should be eaten three times a day before meals in small quantities. As a result, abdominal distention is eliminated, the bowels function is normalized, and the appetite improves.

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