Bronchitis home remedies

Bronchitis home remedies

The inflammation of bronchial tubes that leads to coughing up lung sputum is referred to as bronchitis. Bronchitis can be treated with bronchitis home remedies.

Bronchitis symptoms

Bronchitis is an inflammatory disease of a diffuse nature that affects the lungs and human bronchi. The bronchial tubes are actually tubes that transfer the air from the trachea to the lungs. The inflammation of bronchial tubes leads to coughing up lung sputum. In this case, first of all, the mucous membrane of these organs is affected. This is the most common disease of the respiratory system among all others. People of all ages are subject to it, no matter how susceptible they are to a cold in principle. With the penetration of infection in the mucous and muscle tissue of the bronchi, there is a significant difficulty in respiratory function, as the surface of the respiratory tract is irritated and a very strong and sharp cough appears. The cough appears to be the main bronchitis symptom. All forms of bronchitis are accompanied by a strong cough. In order to determine symptoms of bronchitis more accurately and offer the most effective bronchitis home remedies, it is necessary to distinguish between acute and chronic bronchitis:


Chronic bronchitis symptoms

In the chronic form of bronchitis, the following symptoms occur:

  • a small amount of sputum in the manifestation of cough;
  • regular shortness of breath;
  • a rise in temperature to the level of 39 degrees and higher, accompanied by discharge of pus during exacerbations;
  • copious sweat that continues for a long time;
  • feeling of general weakness and chills.

The chronic form of bronchitis might have been caused in cases where there are attempts to conduct self-treatment at a time when you should consult a doctor. It is best to prevent chronic bronchitis in advance than to treat it for a long time afterwards.


Acute bronchitis symptoms

The following symptoms are considered to be symptoms of the acute form of bronchitis:

  • increase in body temperature to 39 degrees;
  • dry cough at the outbreak of the first symptoms of an illness;
  • the emergence of a feeling of weakness and fatigue;
  • significant reduction in performance;
  • regular wheezing when listening;
  • breathing becomes hard;

complications of the condition are accompanied by pain in the thoracic region and severe shortness of breath.


Treatment of bronchitis at home in adults

Treatment of bronchitis in adults should be carried out adequately to the degree of the development of the disease. This is required because there is a high probability of occurrence of complications of the disease. The following main methods of treatment of the disease in people of mature age are distinguished:


treatments based on the use of bronchitis home remedies;

methods of elimination of the disease, involving the use of physiotherapy;

atypical methods of treatment of bronchitis, involving the use of alternative medicine.


Chronic bronchitis home treatment

In the treatment of chronic forms of bronchitis, the use of therapeutic agents based on the use of various mixtures is quite effective. With similar methods, almost all diseases of the bronchi and lungs are effectively treated.

At home, excellent results were obtained by applying a mixture based on chocolate, aloe, animal fat and honey. For its preparation, you should take half a kilogram of minced aloe, minced animal fat (you can use both badger and pork), the same amount of chocolate and honey. All ingriedients are gradually mixed together, after which they heat up to about forty degrees for a quality kindling. Reception should be carried out on one teaspoon three times a day before meals. In addition, such a mixture can help in the treatment of any cold. Chronic bronchitis should be treated with this mixture for the purpose of bronchitis prevention in the fall or spring.


Acute bronchitis home remedies for adults

For the treatment of acute bronchitis, it is necessary to increase the intake of warm drinking. The best effect is reached by drinking warm teas which are based on medicinal herbs. Other acute bronchitis home remedies are homemade fruit drinks, dried fruit compotes, mineral water with a high concentration of alkali, as well as various decoctions that have a dairy base. Viscosity of bronchial sputum depends on the volume of fluid drunk by the patient. The process of sputum discharge is greatly facilitated is the patients with acute bronchitis increase their warm drink intake.

How long should you rest with bronchitis

Compliance with bed rest can be recommended only with a significant increase in the patient’s body temperature. You must enter the walk in the open air immediately after the normalization of the body temperature. You do not need to take walks in the cold or in the storm.

Bronchitis diet for natural cure

The cure of the acute form of bronchitis demands the use of properly calculated nutrition. The diet of a person sick with bronchitis should consist of the largest possible amount of cereal products, natural vegetables, plant-based products, and juices. If his body temperature rises too high, it is possible that the patient will refuse to eat. Do not force them to eat. Wait until the appetite appears.

Bronchitis home remedies

Bronchitis treatment in children

Bronchitis should be treated in children as soon as soon as the very first symptoms of the disease are detected. It is necessary to consult a doctor no matter what means of effective bronchitis home remedies are used. Consultation with a doctor is absolutely necessary.


Medication for treating bronchitis in children

For the treatment of bronchitis in children the following drugs can be effective:

  • Libexin. A cough suppressant. Available in tablets weighing one tenth of a gram. Taken three times a day, in a dosage of one quarter, one half or the whole tablet, depending on the age of the child;
  • Butamirate. A cough suppressant in the form of syrup or drops. It can be administered for half or one teaspoon. The amount of dosage is determined by the age of the child;
  • Antibiotics. Their use is possible only with the permission of a doctor. Used mainly for the treatment of complex manifestations of bronchitis in children over 7 years old.


Best Bronchitis home remedies

Massage for bronchitis

Massage for the treatment of bronchitis is allowed in relation to all categories of patients. Most often, such massages are prescribed by pediatricians for children who are more likely to suffer from bronchitis than their other peers. Such children suffer from bronchitis at least six times a year, with the occurrence of complications of the disease. The use of massage as a treatment for bronchitis has been effective for massage contributes to the stimulation of tissue receptors, thereby triggering a large number of biochemical type reactions. The result is an enhanced synthesis of biologically active components that contribute to a decrease in the course of inflammation processes in the human body. In addition, there is an increase in muscle tone, which is responsible for the respiratory processes in the body, due to which there is an improvement in sputum discharge. Massage for bronchitis provides excellent results in combination with gymnastics, aimed at improving breathing. With an improvement in breathing, an improvement in general health occurs, preventing the transition of an acute bronchitis to the chronic stage.


Mustard plasters for treating bronchitis at home

There are no problems or difficulties in the use of mustard plaster for the treatment of bronchitis. The instructions for applying them are simple and accessible to anyone. Mustard plasters can be even used for treating bronchitis in children.

First of all, mustard plasters should be soaked in water for ten minutes;

Lay mustard plasters should on the upper part of the back area as well as on the chest. They should not be placed in the part where the heart is located;

Applying mustard plaster should be done through gauze, while it must be soaked with additional sunflower oil in order to prevent burns on the body;

Despite the fact that after a couple of minutes there will be a feeling of heat on the body, you should definitely keep the compress on the body for ten minutes. If there is some redness on the skin, be sure to change the mustard plaster;

Do not put mustard plasters on those parts of the body where there are certain skin lesions, such as scratches, cuts, wounds, burns and scars;

For children under two years old, it is recommended to make mustard wraps instead of mustard plasters. Soak the fabric in a special solution, which consists of one tablespoon of mustard powder, diluted in half a liter of water. The fabric is subject to squeezing, after which it is laid on the desired area on the body. Next, wrap the area a scarf or thick fabric;

After removing mustard plaster or mustard wrap, you must carefully wipe the area with a towel that has been soaked in water. This is necessary to remove residues of mustard from the skin.

If the temperature rises above 37 degrees, mustard plaster should not be used.


Compresses for treating bronchitis at home

Compresses help to effectively heat the areas of the back of the chest. For relieving bronchitis with compresses, you need cloth that has been soaked in the following bronchitis home remedies:

Freshly squeezed horseradish juice;

Mustard powder mixed with liquid honey in the ratio of one to two;

Fresh buckwheat honey mixed with vodka in equal proportions.


Bronchitis home remedies based on folk treatment methods

Methods of traditional medicine have gained wide popularity in the treatment of bronchitis. The following are some of these methods to treat bronchitis at home without resorting to chemical medication.

Essential oils for bronchitis

Essential oils can be used to treat both chronic and acute bronchitis at home. The effect of its use can be comparable to the effect that antibiotics have. Regarding certain varieties of pathogenic microorganisms, the effect of essential oils is much more effective, and also does not cause pain or addiction.

The use of such oils contributes to the gradual elimination of infection, relief of coughing attacks, as well as high-quality sputum discharge.


Treating bronchitis with honey

The use of honey for the treatment of bronchitis shows very good results in combination with other means of treatment. Medicinal properties of honey in large quantities provide high-quality liquefaction of sputum, help relieve cough, and also help gradually eliminate even the most advanced form of the disease.


Milk to treat bronchitis at home

Warm milk helps relieve bronchitis to a large degree. Milk eliminates sore throat and helps eliminate coughing fits. You can pour a tablespoon of honey and half a tablespoon of butter, in a glass of heated milk. It is not necessary that the milk be too hot since there is a danger of burning the already sore throat.


Potato for bronchitis treatment at home

The recipe for preparing potatoes for the treatment of bronchitis is quite simple. It is necessary to boil two potatoes on a slow fire after washing them. After boiling the potatoes, cut them in half and crush them, as in the preparation of mashed potatoes. Them put both parts separately on linen fabric cloth and cover it with the other end of the cloth. When going to sleep put one part of this potato wrap on the patient’s back and the other on her/his chest. Be sure to sleep under a warm blanket. If the halves of the potatoes are too hot, they should be allowed to cool before putting them on the skin, because otherwise you can get burned.


Aloe for treating bronchitis

Aloe is recommended for the treatment of bronchitis as a good antiseptic. The pulp of the plant contains large amounts of vitamins from various groups. The use of aloe as a treatment for bronchitis increases the expectorant effect, which contributes to a speedy recovery. Not every plant can be used for treatment. When choosing it, two basic conditions should be taken into account:

The plant’s age (the plant from which the aloe has been extracted) must exceed three years;

Before starting treatment, the plant must be watered for several days.


How to treat bronchitis at home with onions

Onions, as good expectorants, are considered to be one of the most effective bronchitis home remedies. To treat bronchitis at home with onions, you need to grate two onions, put them in a glass bowl, and cover the grated onions with sugar. After several hours, your bronchitis home remedy is ready. You should take it three times a day, half a glass each time.

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One comment to “Bronchitis home remedies”
  1. Bronchitis is especially annoying because the cough can last for weeks, even after the infection is gone. So what can you do?

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