How to Boost Immune System naturally

Boost Immune System naturally

Knowing how to boost immune system naturally will increase the quality of your life tremendously. So don’t miss this post about immune system boosters.

Having a strong immune system is an amazing thing. No matter how strong our immunity system is, the majority of us feel that it is better for it to be boosted or increased. In general, we want something to protect us from every illness in the world: We want to know how to boost immune system naturally to fight common cold and the flu, or how to boost immune system naturally to protect ourselves against fatigue, or how to prevent cancer.

How to boost immune system naturally

The main secret of a strong immune system is that this is not dependent upon a single organ, but the whole system. And not even just the system of organs. A strong immune system is much more complicated than, say, a cardiovascular system. It works even at the cell level.

Over years, scientists have accumulated a lot of data that says a healthy lifestyle helps the immune system to resist illnesses. But what exactly do they mean by a healthy lifestyle? Here are eight simple rules that will boost your immune system naturally without the use of any chemical medicines.

1. Do not smoke

Smoking creates a real hotbed of infection in the mouth. One of the adverse effects of smoking on the human immune system is that it causes chronic periodontitis, which distracts the immune system. Smokers are more predisposed to certain diseases including serious ones such as tuberculosis. Cigarette smoking impairs human pulmonary immunity to Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Smoking also causes cancer. If you want to increase immunity against these illnesses, please stop smoking.

2. Do not drink alcohol (at least do not to drink excessively)

Experiments concerning chronic ethanol consumption in nonhuman primates have shown that alcohol consumption significantly impairs anti-tumor immunity in females by altering dendritic cell function, increasing the risk concurrent gut transcriptome and microbiota profiling, as well as the risk of colon cancer and liver disease.

In general, reduced consumption of alcohol can boost your immunity against cancer.

3. Immune system booster foods

Eating lots of fresh vegetables and fruits is the best way to boost immunity system naturally. Ok, it sounds terribly boring. Especially as there are not any fancy goji berries around. But eating whatever fruit and vegetable that you can get your hands on is a great natural way to boost immunity system naturally.

Garlic is one of the best immune system booster foods.

Boost Immune System naturally

Biological properties of garlic and garlic-derived organosulfur compounds boost immune system significantly. Add ginger and lemons to the list of immune system booster foods. You can have all of them regularly with your normal dinner with a healthy vegetable side dish.

Studies show that eating fruits and vegetables can even help your body to respond better to some vaccinations

4. Sleeping

The most, probably, simple and obvious way to increase immune system is to get enough sleep. If you often get sick, you probably do not sleep much.

Studies have shown that people who got enough sleep did better even on flu shots compare to those who were suffering from sleep-deficiency.

5. Workout

Doing regular workout helps boost your immune system in various ways. First, studies show that doing regular exercise for 30 minutes three days a week improves your general physical and mental condition. Second, working out regulates your sleep cycle. Third, sports help fight obesity.

6. Keep your weight within healthy limits

The fact is that fatty tissue does not just lie on the abdomen but on the internal organs as well. It produces hormones, maybe not much, but these hormones contribute to the inflammatory processes in the body. That is, obesity creates an invisible, but a significant adverse effect on your immune system. And resources are spent fighting not only with external invaders, but also with their own organism.

7. Stay calm

When creepy thoughts cloud your mind, read a new article, calm down and think about how you just boosted your immune system with your relaxed attitude.

Stress hormones can harm your immune system, so do not give them a chance. Learn to relax and sometimes say, “my health is more important than anything.”

8. Do not expose yourself to viruses and bacteria

This might not exactly help boost your immune system, but it helps you stay healthy. Wash your hands, do not buy suspicious food, air the rooms, take care of your teeth, and develop personal hygiene habits.

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