Do Birth Control Pills Affect Sex Drive?

Birth Control Pills Affect Sex Drive

Contraceptive pills have gotten a bad reputation when it comes to female libido and other concerns. So do birth control pills affect sex drive?

When it comes to birth control, there are certain common questions asked by people, such as, do birth control pills affect sex drive? Is there any relationship between depression and contraceptive pills? Do birth control pills increase the risk of breast cancer? Do they cause anxiety?


In this post, we will discuss whether birth control pills affect sex drive in women.

Contraceptive pills are not suitable for everyone and have many adverse effects for some women.

A study conducted at a university in Germany in 2013 found that taking birth control pills reduces the secretion of oxytocin, known as the love hormone.

The secretion of the oxytocin hormone in the body makes husbands and wives perceive their partners as 15% more attractive than others.

Birth Control Pills Affect Sex Drive

The effect of birth control pills varies from person to person, and taking birth control pills does not necessarily reduce women’s libido.

But if you feel that your sex drive has been adversely affected after taking contraceptive pills, talk to your doctor about replacing it with another birth control method.

However, it is important to note that a balanced weight, being happy in a relationship, having enough sleep and leading a less stressful life will have a much greater impact on your libido than contraceptive pills.

The libido of a person is not always the same and varies according to the different circumstances.

So before blaming birth control pills for any reduction in sex drive, other factors that affect the condition of life should be taken into acccount.

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