Excessive hair growth in females

Excessive hair growth in females

Hirsutism or excessive hair growth in females can be caused by hormonal disorders, which, if left untreated, may even lead to infertility.

Excessive hair growth in females is called hirsutism or hairiness

Excessive and abnormal hair growth in the face and body of women is called hirsutism or hairiness. Although in many cases, excessive hair growth in females has a lot to do with genetics, it can have other causes and, it can be curable.

Usually, hirsutism or hairiness in women is due to the excessive production of androgens, especially testosterone. In this case, there are other symptoms besides hirsutism, including a development of deep hoarse voice, increased occurrence of acne, reduced breast size, and increased muscle mass.

The most common cause of excessive facial and body hair in women is a lack of balance in sex hormones, which, if not treated, leads to infertility, menstrual disorders, obesity and multiple cysts in the ovary.

Cushing’s syndrome can also lead to a hirsutism. The syndrome is linked to the adrenal glands, and high levels of cortisol hormone secretion. Taking certain medications, including prednisone, can cause this syndrome.

In rare cases, tumors can also interfere with the endocrine and lead to hirsutism in women.

Excessive hair growth in females

Medications for depression also cause excessive hair growth in females.

Unfortunately, some women try to treat hirsutism by resorting to superficial solutions such as laser therapy, which only eliminates the symptoms of this condition. It should be noted that before any beauty treatments for excessive facial and body hair in women, the cause of its occurrence must be diagnosed by the specialists.

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