Simple Tricks for Treating Nail Biting in Children

Treating Nail Biting

Nail biting is one of the most commonly occurring behavioral habits in children, which can worry parents about the best methods of treating nail biting.

Nail biting may be just one common practice, but in some cases it can be accompanied by other disorders. In many cases, children who chew on their nails are not necessarily affected by stress or anxiety. They may have simply enjoyed the practice nail biting at some point, and this has become a habit for them.

However, the more anxious the child gets, the more s/he tends to bite her/his nails. If the severity of this problem is not too much, the habit can be reduced and eliminated as the child grows up. Therefore, parents should not obsess over their child’s nail biting because it can actually aggravate the situation.

Treating Nail Biting

Tricks for Treating Nail Biting in Children

Parents should initially use methods that lessen the child’s access to her/his nails. For example, they can play of game that includes wearing gloves or keeping hands on the back on the body while watching TV. But if the nail biting problem is too intense or it is causing nail deformation or digestive problems for the child, parents should visit a psychiatrist about treating nail biting in their child.

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