When is the best age to separate child’s bed from parents?

separate child's bed

The exact age at which it is appropriate to separate child’s bed from parents depends on many factors, such as the culture of society.

It is recommended that children sleep in a separate bed starting from their infancy.

separate child's bed

Best age to separate child’s bed from parents

If parents have not separated the child’s bed at the time of infancy, it is best to wait until the child’s normal separation anxiety period starts easing up. The separation period in children usually comes to its end when they are 3 years of age. Separating the child’s bed from parents and sleeping in separate rooms requires the patience of both parents and it is necessary for the couples to coordinate in this regard.

Frequently, when you want to separate child’s bed from parents, the child is afraid of the dark, so it is best to have a nice night light in their room. In the next step, use the reward method. Give the child small prizes to encourage them to sleep in a separate room.

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