Home Remedies for Ingrown Toenail Treatment

Ingrown Toenail Treatment

Ingrown toenail occurs when the corners of a toenail grow into the flesh surrounding it. Here are some effective home remedies for Ingrown toenail treatment.

Ingrown Toenail Symptoms and Causes

Ingrown toenail is an unpleasant and painful condition that occurs when the corners of a toenail grow into the flesh surrounding it. The main causes of ingrown toenail include: excessive moisture or sweat in the toes; being overweight, continuous wearing of too-tight and narrow shoes, taking too long walks, lifting heavy weights, and, in general, putting excessive pressure on the foot. Since nails have a hard texture while the surrounding tissue is soft, excessive pressure on the toes can lead to ingrown toenails.

Ingrown toenail usually results in painful swelling or even bleeding in the surrounding flesh, and if left untreated, it can lead to infections in the surrounding area of ​​the wound. These wounds can be very painful.

Except for very serious cases, where medical intervention is necessary, ingrown toenail treatment is possible with simple home remedies.

Ingrown Toenail Prevention and Treatment

To avoid ingrown toenails, it is important to wear comfortable shoes. Restrict the use of shoes with narrow soles and high heels.

Weight loss also plays an important role in ingrown toenail treatment and prevention. Having a healthy lifestyle, avoiding overeating, and staying away from too much fast food consumption help you lose weight and improve your general health conditions.

It is important to keep your feet dry and clean. Those who with compulsive obsession to excessively wash their feet are more likely to develop ingrown toenail, as the moisture remaining in the toe area prepare the grown for this condition.

You can avoid ingrown toenail by practicing personal hygiene and having a healthy lifestyle.

 Ingrown Toenail Treatment

Home Remedies for Ingrown Toenail Treatment

Herbal remedies are very effective for ingrown toenail treatment.

Thyme extract – Resting feet in a container filled with thyme extract for 2-3 nights is a great home remedy for ingrown toenail treatment. To make thyme extract, boil some dried or fresh thyme leaves with water for 3 minutes and let it cool. You do not need to remove the leaves from the extract.

Egg yolk and turmeric powder mixture – Mix half an egg yolk with 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder, put the mixture on the ingrown toenail, cover it with a dressing and keep it in place with bandage. Dressing ingrown toenail with this mixture helps improve this condition, according to traditional medicine.


Honey and carrot mixture – A mixture of honey and finely grated carrot gives you a paste, which, if applied to the area affected by ingrown toenail, will help reduce inflammation, resulting in ingrown toenail treatment and pain management.

Black seed oil – Those who are more prone to develop ingrown toenails can massage the area with black seed oil frequently to prevent swelling and wounds.

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