How to sleep better at night naturally

sleep better at night

Natural methods to sleep better at night will eventually increase the quality of your life, since a good night’s sleep is essential to a healthy lifestyle.

Benefits of sleeping well at night

Have you ever wondered why you need to sleep? To relieve sleepiness, to rest my body, and to boost my energy, some would probably say! Yes, that’s right, but this is not the only benefit of sleep. Sleep also enhances all the body’s natural functions, including digestion, metabolism, and body waste disposal. In addition to invigorating the brain and other body organs, sleep plays an important role in regulating the functions of body organs. Research has shown that the chance of human growth hormone secretion increases during deep dreamless sleeps. This hormone stimulates tissue renewal, regenerates the liver, boosts the immune system, and helps burn fat.

Sleeping well at night is important

Sleeping at night has huge benefits that do not exist in the daytime sleep. The pineal gland secretes melatonin, which has a direct effect on sleep. The secretion of this substance in the dark is more than its secretion in brightness.

That’s why researchers today believe that, in addition to sleep deprivation throughout the day, inadequate night-time sleep can lead to diseases like obesity, metabolic syndrome, fatty liver, diabetes, depression, and even cancer.

Therefore, it is important to learn about tips and methods that help us sleep better at night naturally.

Balance and Quality of sleep

It is not just a lack of sleep that can cause illness, but time, duration and quality of sleep all contribute to our health status and quality of life. As experts believe, it is necessary to create a balance between sleep hours and waking hours to stay healthy.

Traditional medicine has various recommendations that help you sleep better at night naturally. These recommendations pertain not only to the duration and time of sleep, but to the environment surrounding the sleeping person and the body condition at bedtime.

Traditional medicine has effective recommendations to sleep better at night naturally.

How to sleep better at night according to traditional medicine

Based on human chronobiology, the best time to sleep is while the nature is in darkness, that is, from 10 pm to dawn, because a few hours before midnight, blood cortisol levels drop down, and if you fall asleep at this hour, you will wake up more easily and more energetically in the morning. Watching sunrise is so refreshing that it has been recommended as a natural remedy to treat depression. So, if you want to sleep better at night and start your day more vigorously, try to sleep before midnight and wake up before sunrise.

The average length of sleep should be between 6 to 10 hours, which varies from person to person depending on age, temper, and season. But sleeping too much or too little can be equally harmful to most people. Sleeping too much leads to memory failure, weakness in actions, disrupted schedules, and joint disorders.

It is necessary to go to bed one or two hours after dinner, not immediately after it, especially if you have acid reflux or experience burning sensations in the stomach. Of course, sleeping on an empty stomach is not advisable, because it causes weakness and emaciation.

It is best to first lie on the right side, then on the left side, and then go back to the right side again. Remember that, although it helps with digestion, sleeping on the stomach is not recommended due to other complications. The best sleeping position is on the right and left side alternately. According to traditional medicine, sleeping on the back can be harmful for most people as it can cause post-nasal drip and pain in the lumbar region.

Do not sleep in the sun, under the moonlight, or under the lamp light. Not only does sleeping under the light cause a headache, but new research has shown that it can lead to hormonal imbalance and obesity in women.

Avoid sleeping for long hours during the day, especially towards the evening, because stress hormones increase during these hours. Traditional medicine experts have argued that sleeping during the day may lead to exacerbation of joint disorders, obesity and depression.

To sleep better at night, the bed must be clean and soft; should not smell bad; should be safe; free from vile animals; each person’s sleep must have a proper temperature according to their preferences; the bed and the sleepwear should be chosen according to the temper of the sleeper and the season; for example, in hot seasons, linen sheets can be used while cotton is more suitable for cold seasons. Sleeping on a cold and moist bed is not advisable, as it causes numbness, weakness and back pain.

The bedroom should have adequate ventilation and sufficient moisture; excessive air dryness of the room will prevent proper sleep.

It is best that the bedroom is reserved for sleeping and resting only, so avoid studying, watching TV or eating in it.

When sleeping, be sure to cover yourself with a blanket because the need to cover yourself when sleeping in any season is greater than the waking hours.

sleep better at night

Recommendations for a better sleep at night during holidays

On holidays, most people wake up late, go to parties, stay out for the night in the streets, restaurants and shopping centers, and sometimes the children stay up and watch TV for several hours after midnight. But this kind of lifestyle can cause disruptions to the sleep pattern, leading to various complications and illnesses.

If you have trouble sleeping during holidays and several weeks afterwards, you need to take action soon to prevent any harm to your health. According to traditional medicine, the most important action to resolve insomnia is to identify its cause and eliminate it.

Maybe you have trouble sleeping at night because you oversleep each morning. On workdays, you usually wake up early in the morning and go to work or take your children to school. But now you are sleeping till noon, so of course you cannot fall sleep easily at night. So the first step to resolve sleeping problems at night is to wake up early in the morning and avoid sleeping during the day, except for one quarter to 20 minutes before lunch.

Another reason for sleeplessness at night may be the intake of substances that affect sleep before bedtime. Black tea, green tea, coffee, instant coffee, cocoa, chocolate, greasy foods, fried foods, meat, ice water, spicy foods, lentils and gas-producing beans, bitter, salty, or chili foods, fast foods and freezed foods can cause sleeplessness at night.

Do not expose yourself to noisy environments before bedtime. Avoid looking at shiny objects. Stay away from intense mental or physical activities such as computer games, online virtual spaces, and arguments.

Practicing relaxation techniques before bedtime helps you sleep better at night.

  • Sleep relaxation techniques to sleep better at night
  • Lay down in supine position and close your eyes
  • Mentally compare and balance the right half and the left half of your body
  • Breathe deeply 10 times with pauses between your inhales and exhales
  • Repeat the process until you fall asleep.


Foods that help you sleep better at night

Almond porridge: To treat insomnia, soak 10-12 almonds, then peel and grate them, and mix them with goat milk. Eat from this almond porridge a few times a day. Almond porridge is not only one of the best natural insomnia remedies, it can even be a healthy dinner for you. Eat 21-30 currants a day between each meal. Eat grated apples in the afternoon. Grate one or two apples and flavor it with a few drops of rosewater, 1 tablespoon of honey, or sugar. Flavored grated apple has many health benefits, some of which are helping to calm the nerves and relieve insomnia.

Lettuce: A fresh lettuce with honey and a little cinnamon is also a good food that has been traditionally recommended to treat insomnia naturally.

Barley soup– Another beneficial food that you can eat as dinner to help you sleep better at night is barley soup to which you can add fresh vegetables such as coriander, spinach, and dill.

Herbal remedies to sleep better at night naturally

In order to sleep better at night, you should have at least 15 minutes of exercise or a quick walk every day (but not after the sunset). In the evening, you can take a shower with lukewarm water, then relax for half an hour, and have a healthy light dinner. You can ask your spouse to massage your body and back smoothly before bedtime. If your partner is too tired for that, rub your own forehead, back of the ears, and inside of the nose blades with violet oil, almond oil, pumpkin seed oil, or fresh rose petals. Washing and rubbing feet up to the knee for 20 minutes with violet or rose extract, to which you can add crushed lettuce and coriander seeds also helps you sleep better at night. Remember that your bedroom must be dark and quiet, and your bed should be soft and comfortable. Avoid night lights and keep the room temperature as mild as possible.

Natural remedies to treat insomnia

Lettuce and apple juice blend: Blend one third of a glass of lettuce juice with two thirds of a glass of apple juice and a spoonful of freshly squeezed lemon juice and drink this 3 times a day.

Medical beer: Boil a cup of whole grain barley with 14 glasses of water. Let it boil for 10 minutes, and then drain off most of the water with its foam. Pour another 14 glasses of water and let it simmer slowly until the grains open up. Drain the liquid before cooling and keep this sleep aid medical beer in the refrigerator. Drink 3 glasses a day.

Pomegranate juice: Drinking sweet pomegranate juice with rose water and rose water syrup throughout the day helps relieve insomnia naturally.

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