Easy Labor Tips Based on Traditional Medicine

Easy Labor Tips Traditional Medicine

Pregnancy is one of the most special events in every woman’s life. Naturally, pregnant women often look for easy labor tips to ease and speed up this great life experience.

Perhaps one can claim that pregnancy is one of the most important events in every woman’s life, given the difficulty of childbirth and all the concerns related to it. Therefore, it is natural to seek out ways to have a safe easy delivery, particularly if one has a prolonged difficult labor history in their previous childbirth experience. Traditional medicine offers some effective easy labor tips.

Having an easy labor depends largely on the type of body and lifestyle of each person. A pregnant mother can expect an easy labor by adopting a healthy lifestyle during the whole period of her pregnancy. Proper nutrition, adequate sleep, preventing excessive weight gain, breathing fresh air, relaxing and avoiding stress, comfortable and adequate bowel movements (free from constipation), and sufficient exercise and physical activity greatly help with an easy labor.

Childbirth involves many changes in the body, which occur before the onset of the labor pains. Traditional medicine recommends that, taking individual circumstances into account, pregnant mothers who fulfill the natural delivery conditions, practice a few easy labor tips, especially during the last weeks of pregnancy. With these easy labor tips, the likelihood of a natural delivery is increased, and the rate of the complications of natural delivery or the need for a cesarean section is reduced.

Traditional medicine recommends some lifestyle changes for an easy labor.


Food recommendations for an easy labor

Drinking cow’s milk from the thirty-eighth week of pregnancy onwards.

Drinking violet syrup during the last week of pregnancy

Eating less food

Having vegetable soup

Eating flour-based desserts made with sugar and almond oil

Easy Labor Tips Traditional Medicine

If the mother feel weak, the following foods are recommended for an easy labor:

  • Egg yolk
  • Honey syrup
  • Grape syrup


Harmful foods and drinks for pregnant women, particularly in the last weeks:

  • Ice water
  • Pickles
  • Too much Yogurt
  • Too many cucumbers
  • Any food that causes constipation


Walking, the best exercise for easy labor

Taking daily walks must be a part of a pregnant woman’s life, particularly after the thirty-eighth week of pregnancy. It is not advisable to risk fatigue and weakness by longs walks or intense exercise, because for an easy labor, the mother should be energetic and strong.

Some interesting easy labor tips

  • Hot baths are recommended from the thirty-eighth week of pregnancy onwards to improve the delivery process. The water temperature should not be too high, as excessive heat causes stress to the fetus.
  • In the winter, the temperature of the delivery room should be warm enough and in summer, the atmosphere of the room must be convenient and relaxing.
  • Massaging the body with dill oil and chamomile oil in the last days of pregnancy is also great for an easy delivery.
  • Pregnant women should not delay going to the bathroom whenever they feel the need to, especially in the last days of their pregnancy.


Tips for a fast and easy labor

  • Eating soup cooked with beans, peas and sesame oil (if approved of by the gynecologist)
  • Drinking ginger ale with honey (if approved of by the gynecologist)
  • Drinking lemon juice sweetened with honey (if approved of by the gynecologist)
  • The presence of a person with whom the pregnant woman feels more comfortable.
  • Whispering soothing words to the pregnant woman
  • Smelling scents such as rose water and chamomile
  • Massaging the pregnant woman’s back and whole body with oils


In case of a high-risk pregnancy, or if the pregnant woman has a serious condition, a gynecologist should be referred to and consulted regularly to avoid potential complications.

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