How to Conceive a Baby Boy

Conceive a Baby Boy

This post offers some dietary recommendations and tips to conceive a baby boy.

The following tips and recommendation cannot guarantee you to conceive a baby boy but increase its chance.

Get started right away

Ovulation kit is one of the tools you need for selecting your child’s gender. If you wish to conceive a baby boy, you should have your sexual intercourse just 24 hours before the ovulation or as close to your ovulation time as possible. So, with the help of a kit, determine your ovulation time and follow the rules.

Food recommendations to conceive a baby boy

Because y sperms that are responsible to conceive a baby boy prefer the alkaline environment to the acidic environment, it is best to eat foods that provide an alkaline environment for sperms while you are trying to conceive. The consumption of red meat and salty foods can provide you with such an opportunity, and caffeine before sexual intercourse can increase your chance to conceive a baby boy.


Eating alkaline food increases your chance to conceive a baby boy.


Alkalize the environment

Another way to alkalize your reproductive organs is to reach orgasm. If you experience orgasms during marriage, you are more likely to have a baby boy. In some sources, it is recommended that the woman reaches orgasm before the man if the couple wish to conceive a baby boy.


Do not shower with hot water

Y spermatozoa do not like heat. So keep your bed cool, and avoid taking a warm shower or sleeping in a hot tub after sexual activity. Also, do not forget that another way to help with Y spermatozoa is to keep the testicles cool. Instead of wearing tight shorts, try the Boxer shorts which can can provide favorable conditions for the survival of the Y spermatozoa.

Conceive a Baby Boy

Get in the right position to conceive a baby boy

The position in which you have your sexual intercourse also affects your child’s gender. Some recommend that a man should stand at the back of a woman (doggy style) for the better penetration of the sperm into the egg.

Conceive at night

There is still no clear explanation for this issue, but some say that sexual intercourse at night will increase the likelihood of having a baby boy. So if you want to conceive a baby boy, do it at night!

Avoid the full moon

Even the moon’s position relative to the sun affects your luck in conceiving a baby boy. Some people believe that, to conceive a baby boy, sexual intercourse should be avoided when the moon is full or the new moon is in the sky. It’s been said that when the moon is like a half-circle, you’re a few steps closer to your desire to conceive a baby boy.


Eat potassium

Potassium-containing foods also play a role in increasing the likelihood of having a baby boy. If you eat more bananas, broccoli, potatoes and spinach while you are trying to conceive, you’ll probably have a baby boy. Of course, some sources say that regular consumption of food such as bread, avocados, almonds, wheat and cherries also contribute to this possibility.

Marry men who would conceive a baby boy

Though the above mentioned factors somehow affect your luck to conceive a baby boy, the fact is that the physical condition of a man and his genes are more than anything else in determining the baby’ gender. Some men are more likely to produce Y sperms, and therefore, even if their spouse is planning to host a X sperm, they cannot achieve their desired result. So there’s no other way ahead of you. If the methods described were ineffective in your previous pregnancies, it is likely that your spouse’s physical condition and genes are determining the sex of your children.

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