How to conceive a baby boy or a baby girl

conceive a baby boy or a baby girl

In this post, the best dietary plans and traditional medicine recommendations to conceive a baby boy or a baby girl will be introduced.

This is the familiar story of a couple: They have two boys and plan to have a baby for the third time. They wish to have a baby girl this time. Of course, the mom says that they adore their sons, but they both would appreciate it if could conceive a baby girl.

These days, families always wish for a healthy baby, whether a baby girl or a baby boy. Sometimes, however, the desire to have a baby boy or a baby girl may be stronger, especially when the couple already have several children of a certain gender. Traditional medicine has some recommendations about the appropriate diet and lifestyle to conceive a baby boy or a baby girl.

Of course, modern medicine offers various methods to conceive a baby boy or a baby girl as well:

  •  Nutritional method
  •  Timing for conceiving (tracking the ovulation time)
  • Vaginal washing methods
  • Gender sex selection with the help of Ericsson method
  • IVF ​​method – PGD


Currently, the most definitive method for gender sex selection is the genetic diagnosis before embryo implantation or PGD-IVF. In this method, after ovulation induction, intra-cytoplasmic injection of sperm (microinjection) occurs, the sperm is injected into the ovum, and fertilization is carried out. A blastomeric of the 6-8 cell embryos is then isolated using biopsy and the gender of the blastomere is determined by FISH or molecular methods. After the cultivation, the fetus is transferred to the womb with the desired sex. The accuracy of this method in determining the desired gender is more than 95%. This method requires advanced and expensive equipment such as lasers and special microscopes, which are available only in specialized centers. This is usually the case for the second child.

In the Erikson method, sperms are rinsed with certain methods and inserted into the uterus with IUI method to allow fertilization to occur in the uterus. This is a simpler method and much less costly than the first one. This method was first used by Dr. Ronald Erickson and has been used throughout the world for sex determination since the mid-1970s. Erickson and colleagues believe that sperms containing Y chromosomes (boys) are less active than sperms containing chromosome X (female) because of their weight less than that, and this feature is used in this method. The efficiency of this method for achieving the desired sex is about 60 to 70 percent.

The best diet to conceive a baby boy

Nutrition, although not a reliable way to determine the sex of the fetus, has a lot of fans due to its simplicity, low availability and low cost. Traditional medicine in Iran has the most recommendations for nutrition because the wise men of this school believed that medicine should not be used until food can be used for treatment.

Traditional medicine food recommendations to conceive a baby boy

  • In your diet, cooked and cooked foods such as leeks, onions, chickpeas, cinnamon, peppers, cumin, mint, fresh and dried garlic, lobsters, nougat glands, honey egg yolk, lamb, rice with milk, halva with more sugar.
  •  Ginger and slender jam served as breakfast.
  •  Lamb, ewe, deer, grasshopper, quail, and rye are suitable for mating.
  •  Seafood salad with spices like mustard, celery, pepper, pepper.
  • Fry more than boiled meat.
  • Include helices of wheat, rice, beans, especially red beans and black peas in the diet, and eat cinnamon and peppers along with helium.
  •  Pistachio, red currants, wheat, and fatty peas.
  • Figs and grapes are sweet fruits.
  • Sesame oil, almond oil, fresh oil in the food.
  • Sweet things like palm sap.
  • Pour the mint seeds into your food from warming spices such as marjoram, saffron, mostilac, celery seeds, fennel, anise, sorghum, fried onions, turnips, mint seeds.
  • Drink cumin, cardamom, cinnamon, pepper with honey juice.
  • Gentlemen rub the warm oils under the abdomen, bladder, kidneys, the location of the testicles and in women on the womb.

conceive a baby boy or a baby girl

Avoid these if you want to conceive a baby boy

You need to avoid overeating, pickles, binge and eating cold water.

Avoid eating lentils, cucumbers, bacon, cucumbers, pomegranates and sour.

Avoid using sour foods and fruits, cool and fresh foods, cool beverages, cottage cheese, cheese, cucumber, dry coriander and more, lettuce, squash.

Timing recommendations to conceive a baby boy

It is recommended that a woman in a menstrual period drink a tablespoon of carrot seeds in a water bottle from day one to three.

Make a teaspoon of chicory seeds with a 2 centimeter piece of Chicory roots in a glass of boiling water and make a glass of milk a day from the bloodshed from the moon to the eighteenth day.

Men and women daily eat three dates daily.

If you want to conceive a baby boy, eat alkaline foods.

Today’s science largely confirms the nutritional recommendations of traditional medicine scholars. Researchers have found that the likelihood of being bred is increased by consuming calcified foods such as dairy, vegetables, fresh fruits and all kinds of foods that contain calcium. Therefore, you should avoid eating these foods for maturation.

In addition, researchers believe that to conceive a baby boy, you need to eat foods that alkalize blood such as grapes, strawberries, raspberries, barberry, chicory, hazelnuts.

To alkaline the vaginal environment during sexual intercourse, you can dissolve two teaspoonful of beer in a glass of water and rinse it before sexual intercourse.


Traditional medicine recommendation to conceive a baby girl

  • Take two of the following foods in your diet for two months before you decide to have a pregnancy:
  •  Milk, Yogurt, Dough, Cheese, Butter, Cream, Ice Cream, Whey, Egg
  •  In the fish you want to put on, every day, eat a teaspoon of fennel.
  • Eating soyabean, cumin, cocoa helps to get girlfriend.
  • Eat sour foods and use foods like ghorr, bergamot, pickles, vinegar in the food.
  •  Green beans, leeks, peas, beans, cucumbers, radishes, celery, cooked tomatoes, eggplant, royal, chilli are more suitable for girls.
  •  Eat fruits like pineapple, peach, pear, grapes, olives.
  •  It is better to use the red meat that is cooked with the cooked dish.
  •  Eat lobster, especially lentils.
  •  Avoid eating sweets and sugar.
  •  To acidify the vaginal environment before coitus, use a mixture of water and white vinegar to rinse the vagina.

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