How to conceive a baby girl

conceive a baby girl

Here are traditional medicine recommendations to conceive a baby girl.

Surveys show that 90 percent of parents, even if they are not prejudiced about their child’s gender, are at least preferential in this case, and in their dream of becoming parental, a child of a particular gender walks.

Researchers have not yet substantiated the exact implications of factors affecting fetal sex, but the experience of mothers and grandmothers and midwifes suggests that although it is the sperm that determines the fetus’s sex, the woman’ efforts can raise the likelihood of a certain baby gender. If you are one of those people who have been dreaming of a baby girl for years and have always wanted to call your child with a girl name, this article is for you. Perhaps these claims are not the result of academic research, but, according to many mothers of baby girl, these recommendations increase your chance to conceive a baby girl.

Best timing to conceive a baby girl

Identify the starting date of your menstruation on your calendar and remember the duration of your menstrual period. How long has it been from the last day of your previous menstruation to the first day of your current menstruation? Trying to get pregnant in half this time increases your chance to conceive a baby girl.

Keep it acidic to conceive a baby girl

If you like to have a baby girl, you should refrain from alkalizing the environment of your vagina. If you experience orgasm during sexual intercourse, your vaginal environment will be alkaline, which increases the likelihood of conceiving a baby boy.

conceive a baby girl

To conceive a baby girl, keep your vagina acidic and avoid alkaline food.


Best foods to conceive a baby girl

A woman’s diet affects not only the condition of her oocytes, but also the extent to which sperm passes through them. For this reason, it is recommended that women who want to conceive a baby girl carefully watch their food during the months before the pregnancy. Consuming fresh and green vegetables, sweets, and fish can increase your chances of having a baby girl. Consuming foods containing calcium such as milk, yogurt and cheese, and eating foods that contain magnesium, such as cocoa chips, spinach and almonds, can also help you to conceive a baby girl. In addition, it is recommended that you avoid taking foods too rich in sodium and potassium during this period.

Tracking ovulation cycle to conceive a baby girl

Have sex for two or three days before ovulation. Different speeds of x and y chromosomes in moving and reaching the eggs will affect your child’s gender. If you do have sex during this period, the chances of getting enough chromosomes to your eggs to conceive a baby girl will increase.

Acidifying your vagina to conceive a baby girl

Before sexual intercourse, wash your vagina with water and vinegar to make it more acidic. This method, although not likely to 100% increase in X chromosome absorption, somewhat increases your chances of having a baby girl.

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