Weight Loss after Pregnancy is not a Mere Wish!

Weight Loss after Pregnancy

Weight loss after pregnancy can be one of the main concerns of women. However, postpartum weight loss is an achievable goal as you will find out in this post.

You are not even pregnant yet, but the thought of losing the fitness of your body makes you upset and nervous? You are pregnant and you’re terrified of what you see in the mirror and you do not even know how to get rid of those pounds you have gained in a few months? Have you given birth and you wake up every morning thinking how to achieve weight loss after pregnancy in a healthy manner? Then this post in yours.

These are five truths about weight loss after pregnancy you should face now.

Truths about Weight Loss after Pregnancy

1. A healthy diet is needed for weight loss after pregnancy

Breasfeeding burns calories but you also need a healthy diet for weight loss after pregnancy. You need calories to produce milk in your body, and the burned calorie can help you lose weight faster and get back to the body you had before your pregnancy, but remember that no matter how much you breastfeed your baby in the course of a day, lactation alone is not enough to lose the weight that you gained during pregnancy, and you have to strictly control the food you eat and your physical activity. The misconception of “eating for two people during breastfeeding” merely due to the fact that you are burning calories with lactation will lead to weight gain and excessive fat storage.

Some mothers, on the other hand, wish to lose weight after pregnancy and be model-thin in a very short time. Remember, reducing your daily calorie intake to less than 1,800 calories per day can affect your lactation and lead to the starvation of your baby.


2. You can lose pregnancy belly

A large belly left from pregnancy is not necessarily related to the enlargement of the womb. You may have heard from the old folks that there is no way to lose the large and loose belly after pregnancy because it is enlarged due to the enlargement of the womb during pregnancy. This is just enough to disappoint many of mothers from getting fit and weight loss after pregnancy, and convince them that since it is impossible to return to pre-pregnancy body, it is ok not to control their diet!

The fact is that the uterus consists of smooth muscles and does not have fat on its own. It is true that the uterus is enlarged during pregnancy to accommodate your fetus, but it returns to its original size six weeks after delivery, which is almost as large as a pear. So if six months or a year has passed since your labor and you’ve got a tummy that is as large as a watermelon, it is about to the fat you have stored in this period, not the size of the womb!

Weight Loss after Pregnancy

3. The shape of the body before pregnancy determines the rate of weight loss after pregnancy

Some mothers are fortunate enough to wear a swimsuit a few weeks after childbirth and take photos of themselves in their swimsuits. Some people quickly lose weight after pregnancy and can quickly resume wearing their former jeans, but this does not apply to all women. In fact, there is no definite timetable for weight loss after pregnancy, but it is safe to say that: the more weight you gained in pregnancy, the harder it will be to lose weight after pregnancy.

One of the most common misunderstandings that may occur for some women is that weight loss after pregnacy should be much faster than normal weight loss! Unfortunately, for your body, it does not matter whether you added these fats in pregnancy, or later and earlier, since burning up to half a kilo of these fats should burn 3500 calories, which means that for losing the weight gained over the course of 9 months you need about 9 months.


4. The process of weight loss after pregnancy can be interrupted, and this is normal

If you have not encountered this problem, you certainly have seen the mothers who struggle hard to lose 1 pound of their weight and do not get the result they wish for. This is true not only for postpartum weight loss, but also for any weight loss, and it can be attributed to the postpartum lifestyle (who likes to exercise with swollen and painful breasts?), hormonal changes and low metabolism .Perhaps losing one or two pound is not very difficult, but after that, your body reduce its metabolism to oppose this weight loss. So when the calories you burn to lose weight is the same as the calories you eat, your weight loss process can be disrupted.


5. Celebrities have no secrets for fast weight loss after pregnancy

Celebrities and supermodels earn a large part of their income through their bodies, so there is a strong incentive to lose weight quickly and intensely after pregnancy, even if their method is completely unhealthy. Excessive reduced calorie intake and strict postpartum exercise cause the body’s energy levels to drop sharply and reduce your ability to breastfeed your baby. So be patient and adopt a healthy lifestyle for a successful weight loss after pregnancy.

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