Natural remedies for Allergies while Pregnant

Allergies while Pregnant

You may have dealt with allergies before, but now you are pregnant. This post will introduce some safe and natural remedies for allergies while pregnant.

If you are having a runny nose or burning and pruritus in the nose and throat and frequent sneezes at the start of the spring, you are likely to be involved in a common problem called seasonal allergies. You may have experienced this problem in recent years, but this year you have special conditions due to pregnancy. You may experience more symptoms in these conditions, and you do not want to use chemical medications, lest you should be harmed to your beloved fetus. So it is natural for you to seek safe and natural remedies for allergies while pregnant.

According to traditional medicine, pregnancy increases the body’s moisture and body temperature, and may cause your allergy symptoms to be higher than in the past, or you may not have experienced allergies in recent years, and this year it’s a problem. This is different with the modern medicine method for the treatment of allergies, that is, the suppression of the immune system, but it is very effective and less harmful.

Allergy types

Allergies have different types, each of which has different causes in Iranian medicine. Spring allergies are commonly found to be redness and pruritus, inflammation of the eyes, runny nose and occasionally with a brief irritation of nose and sneezes. Some attribute these events to the sensitivities of pollen from flowers and plants, but even if allergenic substances have been externally affected by the body, it is better to remove these substances from the body than to try to suppress the immune system.

Getting rid of waste body material is a natural remedy for allergies while pregnant.

Take the spring body cleansing seriously

The best preventive measures for seasonal allergies, especially allergies while pregnant, is to remove the body material from the end of each year for about one to two weeks in March. In fact, with this cleanup, the amount of accumulated material and the thickening of the winter will diminish on the body and will equally reduce the appearance of the material in the spring in the spring. The best and best way to prevent spring diseases is to create a mild diarrhea to remove excess intestinal tract. So the consumption of vegetables can be the best option. It’s better to use less meat and more vegetables in these porridges. The combination we are offering for this show: peeled barley, barley or julienne, mushroom, coriander, parsley, zucchini, spinach, celery. You can change the vegetables alternately so that your passion varies, or you can change the ingredients every time. You can use Bukhara plum, Indian sturgeon, cucumber, pomegranate sauce, orange juice or orange, with a little salt and olive oil as a scent filler.

Modify your diet to control allergies while pregnant

No matter how much you open the way to get rid of excess and allergen from the body, if you reintroduce the stimulant again, you will not be able to balance the intake and exhaust of the substance. One of the triggers and exacerbations of spring allergies is an inappropriate diet in Nowruz. Drinking nuts and salads, chocolate and sweets, coffee and instant coffee, all increase the amount of heat in the body and increase the boom and blood clot. In traditional medicine, consuming sweet and salty foods increases the heat and boils up blood, so it’s better for people with spring allergies to avoid eating this type of food and instead use slightly sour or moderate flavors. For example, eating juice or pomegranate juice, juice, lemon juice, spinach with food or as a snack is recommended. Avoiding walnuts, aged cheese, raw onions, raw garlic, and raw chives, is also considered to be necessary for controlling allergies while pregnant. Meanwhile, it is also necessary to avoid eating allergenic foods such as grapes, melons, and kiwi.


Eat less red meat to control allergies while pregnant

From the viewpoint of the traditional medicine, when moving the material during the change of season from winter to spring, beware of meat consumption, especially beef and lamv. Because red meat is a source of blood and helps to boil and stimulate metabolism. So, it’s better if you are going to eat a barbecue, correct it by spraying some brown sumac on it. Because the taste of pickles and bills in caviar can moderately reduce the side effects of meats in the spring. Eat small birds meat instead of heavy meat to control allergies while pregnant.

Drinks to reduce allergies while pregnant

Jujube is effective in controlling seasonal allergies, itching and pregnancy rash. So if you have a history of allergy problems, do not forget your jujube. You can use jujube in the form of a fork. To prepare the jujube, cook seven jujube pieces with flaked apples.

Another good drink for those who suffer from runny nose and itching and nasal irritation is medicinal beer. To make this drink, it is necessary to boil one cup of peeled barly with a little water and empty the floor. Then, with 14 times the water, begin to mellow on the heat so that the beans blossom and come in a brick color. Then refresh the juice and keep it in the refrigerator and take 3 glasses a day with a little honey or sugar. It can be stored in the refrigerator for up to two days. If your allergy is severe, you can use it for three days instead of food.

Allergies while Pregnant

Exercise as a natural remedy for allergies while pregnant

A regular daily walk and avoidance of immobility help eliminate waste of the body to reduce the symptoms of allergies while pregnant. In addition to combing the hair and scrubbing and scrubbing, it can help reduce nasal irritation and allergies. Sometimes even rubbing your legs under the knee in a tight and painful manner can reduce the annoying symptoms on the face and face, such as heavy feelings and pain.

Tips for a better sleep

It’s best to avoid sleeping on the back when you sleep. It is best to sleep or put your face on the pillow. Try to spend less time sleeping and not sleeping especially after a meal. It’s interesting to know that waking up early in the morning also helps to reduce your nasal discharge.


Body massage with oil for elimination of allergies while pregnant

You can rub on the forehead and nose of the violet oil (with almond oil base) to reduce burning and itching of the nose, evening and night. Churning violet oil in the nose can also be effective because violet is a topical anti-inflammatory agent.

Cupping with conditions

According to the recommendations of traditional medicine, one of the methods of preserving health and the spring measures is the beginning of the spring, which helps to cleanse the blood and body from waste materials, thus preventing some common problems in the spring such as allergies, boils and dullness, preventing boredom. . In fact, blood sampling is also a good way to reduce the volume and build up of blood, but cupping is not recommended for everyone. Pregnancy is also one of the conditions where the cupping is prohibited except from 4 to 7 months with special medical conditions and discretion.

But other people who do not have a special ban for cupping, especially those who have been recommended by their physician in traditional medicine, or those with a warmer and more warm temperament (especially menopausal women), those with high concentrations or high blood urea or uric acid Welds and dermatologists are facial and upper-trunk, with a feeling of heaviness and heat over the head and body, they can apply for cupping. Of course, these people should go to the standard centers where the cupping is done by the doctor, so that the conditions before, during and after cupping are properly considered and implemented. Some of the cases that are blocked by cupping include children under two years of age, pregnancy, very young adults, certain diseases and severe anemia, cold or dry souls, very thin or very obese people, and those who have severe weakness. Not only will these people not only get rid of spring salmon but also be harmful to them. So cupping is a tool to help prevent spring allergies in some people, not everyone! Recommended.

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