Breastfeeding Tips according to Traditional Medicine

Breastfeeding Tips

Breastfeeding, like any other thing, needs special preparation and learning. Here are some wonderful breastfeeding tips according to traditional medicine.

Traditional medicine breastfeeding tips to prepare the mother and the baby involve breastfeeding timing and location conditions as well as the body postures of the mother and the baby. Paying attention to traditional medicine breastfeeding tips will help you have the best breastfeeding for your baby’s growth and health.

Breastfeeding tips involve the best breastfeeding timing and position.

Traditional medicine breastfeeding tips

It is best to breastfeed your baby when s/he is hungry and his/her body needs it. Breastfeeding the baby without being hungry causes the accumulation of waste material in the body, which is harmful. Many mothers do not know how to recognize when a baby wants to be fed. The hungry baby takes her hand to her mouth or brings her head open with her mouth to and fro to find her mother’s chest. Another cry of hunger is the cry of the baby and the movements of her/his hands and feet. Of course, baby crying may have other causes, such as pain. But crying from starvation is usually sudden and calm down by hugging a baby and feeding her/him. But it is better not to breastfeed the baby as soon as s/he starts crying, especially if little time has passed since the previous breastfeeding. According to traditional medicine, crying before eating is helpful and helps the baby prepare for the milk. When the baby is full, s/he will stop sucking on the breast. If the baby is still hungry after sucking on the breast for a long time, you can prepare the other breast after burping the baby. If you see that your child does not calm down with breastfeeding, do not force her/him. Maybe the baby has a stomach ache. Forcing the baby to breastfeed makes its worse. If you think the baby has a stomach ache, hold her/him vertically and help her/him burp.


The baby should be awake at the time of breastfeeding. Do not breastfeed a sleeping baby. Usually, in the afternoon, the mother’s milk has more fat which can provide more energy for the baby.


It’s better to throw way the first drops of milk in your chest every morning. This is especially important when the quality of the mother’s milk is a little bit low. Then shower with warm water and massage your breasts with your hands. This massage can help your body to produce more milk. Then have a good breakfast and breastfeed your baby.

Breastfeeding Tips

At the time of breastfeeding, do not forget the mental and physical relaxation. This is one of the most vital breastfeeding tips. It’s better to focus your mind on your child. Relish the magnitude of these moments and be thankful for such a blessing. This focus will help you get more and better milk for your child.


Breastfeed on both breasts to give the baby more milk and to stimulate both breasts. You do not need to pull the breast out of the mouth of the baby by force. This will cause stress to the baby. You can breastfeed with the other breast after burping the baby.


After breastfeeding and burping the baby, it is best for the baby to sleep. In infants, because the gastrointestinal tract has not yet evolved, digestion is poor and helps to sleep gastric lifestyle and digestion process. Usually, when a baby wakes up, she needs milk. It may not be his need to eliminate hunger, so he did not eat much milk. But this short milk helps to quench his thirst and wake up.


One of the most important breastfeeding tips is that the body of the mother and baby should touch each other while eating milk. Sometimes breastfeeding the baby with little clothes on helps with physical and mental close contact. The sitting position is better for breastfeeding than the sleeping position.

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