How to Handle Pregnancy Cravings

Handle Pregnancy Cravings

In this post, we will discuss how to handle pregnancy cravings naturally according to traditional medicine.

Pregnancy cravings make you desire to eat certain foods such as pickles or even non-edible substances such as mud and charcoal. Sometimes, pregnancy cravings are accompanied by nausea during pregnancy. Modern medical research has not yet been able to fully justify the occurrence of pregnancy cravings, and some attribute it to vitamins deficiency, iron deficiency, body hormone changes, and stress during pregnancy.

According to traditional medicine, part of the body’s waste material is naturally cleansed during menstruation. But in pregnancy this way of disposing of the material is closed to protect the fetus; therefore, the waste material is accumulated in the pregnant mother’s body. The accumulation of these substances in the body, especially in poor stomachs, can lead to pregnancy cravings and a desire to eat food with salty and sharp flavors, or even non-edible substance, exacerbating problems such as nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. Therefore, it is recommended that at the beginning of pregnancy, if vomiting does not cause weakness or danger for the mother and the baby, vomiting is not stopped with medication, so that the extra material is removed from the body naturally. It is interesting that those who detox their body and adopt a healthy lifestyle before pregnancy are less likely to develop severe pregnancy nausea or pregnancy cravings.


Step one to handle pregnancy cravings naturally

The first step to handle pregnancy cravings and nausea is to reduce the amount of body waste in pregnancy.

By the Ten Commandments of Traditional Medicine for body cleansing, you can handle pregnancy cravings naturally.



The Ten Commandments of Traditional Medicine to Reduce Waste:

  1. It is better to eat foods that are easily digested, especially at the beginning of your pregnancy. Meanwhile, they have a lot of food, but they are compact and digested soon. Meat of birds and chicks is one of these foods. At the same time, be sure to bite the food well, meaning you have to squeeze each mouthful with enough attention and attention 32 times and then swallow.
  2. Let your stomach work smoothly, because constipation causes the body to accumulate waste. If you have constipation, eat a serving of fatty soup (chicken wings, rice, lentils, leeks, coriander, parsley, turmeric, olive oil) a day. The use of plums, figs and laxatives also helps to relieve constipation. In addition, eating rosé syrup, water and honey syrup with lemon or ginger, gladiolus, water juice, pomegranate juice, and violet syrup help to remove stomach waste and facilitate bowel movements.
  3. Moving, walking and moderate exercise can eliminate waste materials throughout the day. So avoid excessive immobility and sleep during pregnancy. Exercise and walking are the best ways to eliminate and prevent the accumulation of waste materials. Provided that it is carried out in proportion to the individual’s ability and does not lead to weakness.
  4. Do not overeat, and if you get hungry, instead of eating less food at more times.
  5. If you suffer from weakness, it is better to use foods such as one-year-old lamb, kebabs, frankfurters and fried eggs.
  6. If you have a lot of weight and strength, foods like vegetable oils, legumes and vegetables, and celery porridges are best suited to lower your body weight.
  7. Fry the birds and chicks with boletus, apple juice, and pomegranate juice.
  8. Drink liquids.
  9. Bath at least twice a week.
  10. Do not hold your urine. If you feel the need to go to the bathroom, do it as soon as possible.

To handle pregnancy cravings, get rid of waste body material and eat healthy food.

Handle Pregnancy Cravings

The second step to handle pregnancy cravings naturally

After the waste is removed, it is necessary to strengthen your stomach to ensure that your digestion is good and the nutrients needed for the fetus can be re-created and stored again. Eating healthy nutritious foods is a great way to handle pregnancy cravings naturally. There is also a combination of herbal remedies for stomach, which can be prescribed by a specialist in traditional medicine to handle pregnancy cravings.


The Ten Commandments of Traditional Medicine for Stomach Strengthening:

  1. Apply on the stomach to the abdominal area such as rose oil, mosquito, coconut, and coconut oil.
  2. Eat sweets that are good for the stomach and liver, such as mozzarella, almonds, pomegranate seeds, apples, and vegetables.
  3. Sleeping in a timely manner, adequate and appropriate, and fasting in the right conditions can help the disposal of wastes and reduce stomach load.
  4. Freshening food and drink (with mint and ginger) as it tends to be, it also helps to strengthen the stomach.
  5. At least half an hour on the day of walking is required. Physical exercise and proper exercise, such as moderate walking, improve digestion and appetite. If riding, light riding can help.
  6. Incubate delicate foods such as chicken, chicken, lamb, kid with orange and lemon in your diet. Using foods that are easy to digest and sour foods can be beneficial for the stomach on condition that it does not cause severe contractions.
  7. Avoid the use of very moist, very sweet and greasy foods that cause weakness and weakness in the stomach. It is better to use more than solid (non-paste) foods like bread crumbs.
  8. Eating jam and its no-lean balloon and well-cooked bread will help to strengthen the stomach as a breakfast. It is best to eat the food with your spouse or with someone you are happy with. In general, avoiding watching TV, discomfort, frustration and frustration during meal is required.
  9. Ginger honey, mint syrup, bergamot, pomegranate syrup, two pomegranate sour and sweet pepper, rose water, Indian starch syrup, grated shrimp, apple paste, and lemon syrup are drinks that according to Maternal temperament and season can be used.
  10. If you tend to eat flowers and soil to such an extent that you cannot stop it, you can use starch or sour starch or salt or chicken wings instead.

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