Natural Infertility Treatment with Traditional Medicine

Natural Infertility Treatment

In this post, the first important steps for natural infertility treatment according to traditional medicine recommendations will be introduced.

The wish to be a parent is not a strange wish. The achievement of this simple wish is sometimes very simple and without any effort, but sometimes it seems impossible or far-fetched for a couple to be parents. Having a baby, though sometimes seeming so simple, requires a strong will to the responsibility of parenthood. We need to know ourselves and understand how much it will take to accept the important responsibility of parenthood. Occasionally, it is exactly a lack of such will and understanding that stands in our way of realizing our dreams. But what taking responsibility has to do with natural infertility treatment, you might ask.

Having a proper lifestyle is the most important step for natural infertility treatment.

The most important principle to maintain fertility

If you’re still at the age of fertility, but you have not been able to get pregnant with conventional treatments, whether you are pregnant or having surgery, you might be involved in an unhealthy lifestyle that does not allow your body to take appropriate treatment for infertility. All humans are unique on the basis of the genetic characteristics inherited and their place of birth. If they have a good lifestyle, good hereditary features will emerge, and if they lose their lifestyle, they will gradually lose the same good qualities. In other words, this is the style of your life that strengthens or weakens the nature of your body, and determines its distinctive features. Having a proper lifestyle is the most important principle in traditional medicine to maintain the fertility of any woman and man who wishes to have a baby. Now you understand why you need a strong will? The most important need for the will to change lifestyles is to adopt a new approach.


Where to start for a natural infertility treatment

If you really want to have a baby, it is important to take responsibility, and at least make a small change daily in your lifestyle. Our advice is to start with eating habits. Of course, air, sleep, exercise, mental and mental relaxation, keeping the ways of absorbing and disposing of the body … All these are important in traditional medicine .especially for natural infertility treatment. But controlling how to eat and even what we eat is much easier than anything else. You might say it is expensive to eat really good food and you cannot afford it. But at least you can practice how to eat, which is inexpensive and only requires a strong will.


Change your eating habits for natural infertility treatment

According to traditional medicine, as long as your food is not well digested, there will not be enough nutrition for the functioning of other organs of the body, and not only will not be provided the proper materials for gum and pregnancy, but also many other diseases, including metabolic syndrome may emerge as well. So, follow these tips for a good digestion, which is the first step for a natural infertility treatment.

Natural Infertility Treatment

  1. Avoid eating until you are completely hungry to avoid overloading the stomach.
  2. Chew well (at least 30 times). The digestion starts from the mouth and the better the food is chewed, the more it is physically shattered, the more it is combined with the enzymes, and the oral digestion will be more complete, and the rest of the digestive system will do its best.
  3. Eat the food by focusing on food and eating. Watching TV or talking or even thinking about problems while eating does not only create problems in the digestive process, but also produces harmful substances in the body.
  4. Before feeling completely full, stop eating. Because if you eat even an extra bite after being full, the stomach will be unable to digest the whole food and good nutrition will not be produced.
  5. Because the stomach needs rest as well as other members, it should not be eaten as soon as it is empty, so it should be between 4 to 4 hours between the two meals.
  6. Do not eat very hot or very cold food. Fast food, chips, casseroles, and prepared and canned foods that contain preservative chemicals are very harmful to you. Among the meat, the young sheep is better than other meat. Because it is easier to digest and more suitable material is produced. Eating beef or calf is recommended only to those who have a lot of physical activity. If you are eating these types of foods, try to use more juice. Try to avoid eating freezers while you’re pregnant.
  7. Avoid eating any type of fruit with food. Eat only one fruit each time between the main meals as a snack or at least two hours from the meal. Most fruits can be eaten before meals (at least one hour before meals) except for pomegranates and apples which are recommended to be eaten shortly after food.
  8. Eat only one meal per serving and avoid multiple meals per serving. Eating too many meals in one serving disturbs digestion and produces harmful substances in the body. Especially the accompaniment of fish with eggs, mushrooms with spaghetti, spaghetti with pasta will cause more dyspepsia.
  9. Try not to eat yogurt or other dairy prodcuts with your food. You can consume dairy products along with their correctors (peppermint, peppermint, thyme, etc.) between your meals.
  10. Avoid eating foods that are difficult to digest in the summer, such as all types of heavy meats. Eating foods that are easier to digest (such as runny egg yolks, soup, lamb meat, and meat of small birds) are recommended in the summer. But in the winter, you can use foods that require strong digestion like chick peas.

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