Natural Pregnancy Rash Treatment

Pregnancy Rash Treatment

Pregnancy rash or pregnancy hives can be itchy and annoying. Natural pregnancy rash treatment, however, is not that difficult according to traditional medicine.

Pregnancy rash or pregnancy hives can be itchy and annoying. Sometimes you may be tempted to scratch the rashes which would result in bleeding. Sometimes it will prevent you from performing your daily activities. The cause of pregnancy rash or hives during pregnancy is still unknown, but it has been suggested that, due to the stretching of skin in pregnant women, certain antigens are released in the stretched places which lead to pregnancy rash or hives during pregnancy. Pregnancy rash commonly occurs at the end of pregnancy and usually disappear after the child’s birth, but if the itching of the pregnancy rash is to the extent that disturbs the daily activities of the mother, it is better to seek natural pregnancy rash treatment.

Traditional medicine suggests some natural remedies to help get rid of pregnancy rash.


Eradicate the cause of pregnancy rash

Treating pregnancy rash is not so hard in most cases. In traditional medicine, removal of the cause is the best treatment, in this case the best pregnancy rash treatment. Pregnancy rash is caused by accumulation of annoying waste in the skin, which is due to increased waste of the body, to a lesser member of the body, the skin. So, for natural pregnancy rash treatment, the most important way to open the pathway is to remove the waste from the body.

Treat constipation to get rid of pregnancy rash

If you have a constipation, be sure to treat your jaundice. Constipation is a stomach disposal less than once a day or a faeces that is difficult to overdo it and to be incomplete. The best way to treat constipation is to have adequate mobility and eating the right foods. If you have constipation, eat at least one meal a day with vegetables. Use as a filler of pomegranate sauce and fresh plum and starch.

Pregnancy Rash Treatment

Foods to avoid when you have pregnancy rash

Gravitations increase your rash and itching during pregnancy. Avoid spicy, salty or greasy foods; all kinds of fast foods, roasted nuts, and eggplants.

Do not forget herbal extracts

Using herbal extracts that improve liver function is the best treatment after constipation relief. The simplest herbal medicine for constipation relief is the combination of Chicory and common fumitory extracts is about equal to a maximum of 3 small cups per day. If necessary, you can add some sweat to the sweat combinations.

Wash your body with cooling herbs

Many medications that have a cool color can be used as a topical treatment for pregnancy rash. A simple and comprehensive example of this is to wash your body with cedar while you are bathing. There are many different and effective combinations in this, but a cheap but effective combination is to mix some of the dry common fumitory leaves with baking soda and sweet yogurt and rub in the bathroom on the body. Then rinse at least ten minutes.


Cupping therapy is effective for pregnancy rash treatment

Some traditional medicine experts believe that cupping is the best way to treat hives during pregnancy. Although most hives respond to general phlegm, but cupping is not recommended in pregnancy unless it benefits the pregnant woman more than the loss. Therefore, if other treatments are not effective, you can use cupping. In this regard, a traditional medicine specialist, depending on the patient’s condition, must decide if healing is beneficial or harmful to him. Note, however, that even if the general cavity does not treat hives, you should not use cupping cavity (which is the best cupping to relieve itching of the body), as it may cause problems for the baby to continue pregnancy.

Your pregnancy rash will go away after delivering your baby

Although some of the pregnancy hives are resistant to treatment, which usually due to the fact that the temperament of the fetus is hotter than the mom, your pregnancy rash will be resolved after delivering your baby. But if the hives is really bothering you, and you cannot resolve it with natural pregnancy rash treatment, see a doctor about it.

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