Full Body Detox for the Spring

Full Body Detox

Full body detox in the spring can be accomplished by diet and lifestyle changes as well as adopting some methods to accelerate body waste disposal.

According to traditional medicine, it is advisable for people to change their eating habits and adopt a new lifestyle to adapt to prepare themselves for the climate change with the advent of new season; this is also justified in modern science, because with the onset of warm seasons, the body needs less calories. You can prepare yourself for the spring by performing a full body detox. A Full body detox in the spring involves making some healthy changes in your diet and lifestyle as well as adopting some methods to accelerate body waste disposal.


When you should start your spring full body detox

The spring season begins in traditional medicine from late February and early March, when the temperature starts rising. Therefore, it is not necessary to wait for the spring full body detox until the last days of March or the first of April on the calendar. As the weather goes warm, natural spring has begun and so can begin your new full body detox. With these temperature changes, the body naturally tries to dilute and repel materials that have been accumulated since the cold season in the body. Therefore, people should use low-calorie foods at the start of the spring to modify their diet, so that the body can easily clean and dispose of the waste. Thus, full body detox can be accomplished without putting any pressure on the body and its natural functions.

Full Body Detox

The best foods for full body detox in spring are low-calorie watery soups.

Spring cuisine for full body detox

Traditional medicine recommends all sorts of low-calorie soups with less meat and more vegetables. Of course, high-calorie soups, such as cream soup, are not suitable for the spring. Eating lean low-calorie stews such as zucchini stew are great for the spring. Eating lots of nuts and sweets is not recommended in this season.

Foods made with spinach and plum act like a laxative in the digestive system, releasing the remainder of waste material accumulated in the body in the cold months of the year and acting as natural full body detox in the spring.

Cupping in the spring for full body detox

In the past, it was customary for people to perform cupping therapy with the advent of warm seasons, but care should be taken that cupping for full body detox in the spring should be performed under certain conditions and with the prescription of a specialist, since not all people need cupping and the therapy should be performed differently depending on their physical condition. Cupping can help prevent many seasonal allergies in the spring if the traditional medicine therapist recognizes and validates it. According to traditional medicine, the waste that is accumulated in the body in cold seasons, if left unattended, can lead to seasonal allergy, skin problems, or even exacerbation of joint pain in some people with the advent of the spring.

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