Characteristics of High Quality Breast Milk

High Quality Breast Milk

In this article, the most prominent characteristics of high quality breast milk for the baby according to traditional medicine will be introduced.

One of the main concerns of mothers after giving birth is whether they can provide high quality breast milk for their precious baby. Therefore, it is natural for the mothers to wonder what high quality breast milk should be like.

In traditional medicine, the best and most wholesome milk for the growth and health of the baby is breastmilk. Not only in traditional medicine, but also in modern medicine, scientists have come to the conclusion that the best milk for baby’s grow and strengthening the baby’s immune system is breast milk. Interestingly, breastfeeding is beneficial for the mother herself and helps relieve tensions of her body. It is important to be familiar with the characteristics of high quality breast milk and the ways to improve its richness.


How to know you have high quality breast milk for your baby

One of the common misconceptions about breast milk is that high quality breast milk should be in large quantity, high in fat, and very thick. According to traditional medicine, however, the consistency or concentration of breast milk should be mild. Consistency moderation indicates the balance between the protein, fat and watery parts of the breast milk, all of which are necessary for the growth of the baby. To make sure the breast milk has a good concentration, you can drip it on your nail. If it was flowing, the breast milk is too thin and if it stays, the breast milk is too thick, but if it stopps on the go, it means you have high quality breast milk. Of course, there are other methods for determining breast milk thickness, but this is the simplest method.

The amount of high quality breast milk is moderate as well. High levels of breast milk volume can indicate a high moisture content that can make the body more susceptible to infections. A very small amount of milk can be a sign of dehydration.

High Quality Breast Milk

The color of high quality breast milk should be completely white.

If the breast milk is dark, greenish, or yellowish it is a sign that the breast milk in not suitable for baby’s growth.

High quality breast milk smells mild and good. If the breast milk is sour, smelly or even odorless, it is not suitable for baby growth.

High quality breast milk is not bitter or salty. Bitter or salty breastmilk is not only suitable for growth but the baby refuses to eat it.  The taste and smell of milk also varies according to the temperament of the mother and her lifestyle.

Breast milk composition should be even and homogenous. If breast milk is not homogenous, the mother needs to consult a specialist to improve the quality milk and use herbs that help digest food to make her milk homogenous.

High quality breast milk should not have too much foam. If breast milk is foamy after pumping, it is a sign that there is a lot of gas or bloating in the mother’s body that can reach the infant through the milk causing bloating and infantile colic. In this condition, it is necessary to improve breastfeeding by boosting mother digestion and using herbal remedies.


What makes breast milk go bad

Even high quality breast milk can go bad in certain conditions and obviously the breast milk that has gone bad would not be suitable for the baby. If you want to maintain your high quality breast milk, beware of the following conditions under which breast milk can go bad:

Pregnancy can cause breast milk to lose its richness. If the mother gets pregnant during breastfeeding, due to hormonal changes in the body and the distribution of food between the baby and the fetus, the risk of harm to both increases.

Stress and depression are bad for breast milk. A mother who suffers from postpartum depression or other mental problems may not be able to produce high quality breast milk.

Eating and drinking unhealthy foods, fast foods, and carbonated drinks, etc. have an adverse effect on breast milk. If you do not have enough time to cook after childbirth, and prefer to go to the restaurant or eat food out, make sure you your food is healthy and nutritious.

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