Foods that Bring Down Fever in Babies

Bring Down Fever in Babies

You can safely and quickly bring down fever in babies by giving them appropriate foods.

Certain foods help bring down fever in babies, but keep in mind that to diagnose the cause of fever, you need to go to your doctor to get the correct course of the treating your baby’s fever.

You can bring down fever in babies with proper nutrition.

Breast milk to bring down fever in babies

When you find that your baby’s body temperature is higher than normal, a recommendation is to increase the amount of breastfeeding and give it as much as you want. However, one of the best foods in the first year of a baby’s life is breast milk, or better, that the baby is fed entirely from this great meal. A baby fever can make the baby’s body dehydrated, but breast milk not only prevents the baby’s dehydration, but also provides all the nutrients necessary for the child. Breast milk, as the best baby food, not only helps bring down fever in babies, but also contains antibodies that work to cope with the disease of the baby and eliminate pathogens. In addition, breast milk is easily digestible. Breastfeeding, helps the baby to cope with fever and illness and overcome the disease.


Cooked rice, the perfect food for baby fever treatment

Moms can use cooked rice to bring down fever in babies over 11 months. It is recommended to prepare rice as a puree. If you go for this meal, remember that it should not be served cold. It is best to place the cooked rice at room temperature and then slowly put the food into the baby’s mouth. Rice puree is easily digested and effective in baby fever treatment.


Soup and its effects in bringing down fever in babies

Dense vegetable soup is another good cure for baby fever treatment, which reduces the fever of the baby. When you bring this soup to your baby’s body, the proper nutrition will relieve the baby’s fatigue and restitution to some extent. It is better to wash vegetables such as carrots, celery, parsley, tomatoes, potatoes, etc., then crush them and then cook them. Add a little salt and pepper at the last stages of your cooking. It is advisable to mix all the vegetables together, and give it warm to the baby.


Fruit and vegetables puree to bring down fever in babies

Puree of fruits, such as sweet apples, bananas and carrots, is one of the most suitable foods for treating baby fever. Mothers are advised to feed their babies food puree if they notice a rise in the body temperature of the baby, to treat fever and chills.

Bring Down Fever in Babies

Useful tips for treating baby fever

Feed the baby with these foods in small amounts but several times a day.

If you see that the baby is very weak and unable to breastfeed, you have no choice but to pump your milk and feed it to the baby with a small spoon.

Be patient. Feeding a sick child with no appetite is difficult, but the results will be huge for the health of your baby.

Never feed the baby while s/he is in sleeping position. Help the baby sit up in a chair or on your lap.

If the food falls out of the baby’s mouth, it is fine. Wait for ten minutes, and then try again.

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