How to relieve heartburn during pregnancy

relieve heartburn during pregnancy

This post is about natural remedies to relieve heartburning during pregnancy in a manner that is safe to the pregnant mother and the fetus.

Heart burn is a kind of burning sensation in the chest area that may or may not climb to the throat, but in either case it creates an uncomfortable feeling. This feeling of burning and irritation is not related to the heart. But it’s a disturbing problem that affects many pregnant women and does not allow them to enjoy the sweet days of their pregnancy.

Traditional medicine has great recommendations to relieve heartburn during pregnancy without the risk of any harm to the fetus.

Causes of heartburn during pregnancy

During digestion naturally, the food from the tube called the esophagus should go down to reach the stomach. At the bottom of the esophagus, there is a muscle duct that does not allow food and gastric acid to return to the esophagus. But in those who have a headache or a stomach acid return to the esophagus, excessive acid secretion or rebound into the esophagus causes pain or burning in the chest. It is also often due to the relaxation of the lower esophageal lobe that occurs more often than it is during pregnancy, due to hormonal changes in the pregnant woman, especially when the pregnant woman lies after eating large amounts of food. Additionally, there are structural problems before pregnancy, as well as mechanical causes such as uterine pressure on the stomach.

The first step to relieve heartburn during pregnancy is lifestyle changes.


Safe and natural remedies to relieve heartburn during pregnancy

As always, the first step in the treatment of any problem is lifestyle changes both in modern medicine and in traditional medicine:

Remove spicy and acidic foods from your diet. Decrease caffeine and chocolate consumption and avoid smoking. Making changes in your diet is the main treatment to relieve heartburn during pregnancy. Use less fatty foods.

In order to get rid of heartburn during pregnancy, Eat less cold foods such as yogurt and sour foods, because in traditional medicine, the most common cause of this problem is the excessive phlem in the stomach, which increase by eating these kinds of foods.

Reduce the amount of food and fluids you use per serving. Instead, you can increase the number of eating servings to make up for your needs.

Do not lay down immediately after eating. It is best to have 2 hours between food and sleep. Especially reducing fluid intake from 3 hours before sleep helps relieve heartburn during pregnancy. By placing a few pillows under your head while sleeping, hold the head higher than the trunk.

relieve heartburn during pregnancy

Detoxify your body to relieve heartburn during pregnancy

Next, if you do not get better with these recommendations, you should see your doctor. In traditional medicine, at this stage, the condition and its illness are checked in your body. The most common cause of heartburn and burning sensation in the stomach is the increase in body moisture due to a sedentary lifestyle and excess body waste. In this condition it is necessary to remove excess material inside the body, especially the stomach. Increasing activity and more walking helps to increase perspiration and cleanse the body at this stage. You can reduce the amount of waste generated by adding cinnamon, peppers and cumin to foods and improving digestion. At this stage, the doctor may use additional herbs to remove excessive moisture and strengthen the end of the esophagus from herbal remedies such as rose petal reserve, which is a combination of roses and honey.

Strengthening the stomach to relieve heartburn during pregnancy

Eating quince marmalade, quince syrup, quince jam, apple jam, and citron jam, and sweet pomegranates prevents loosening of the end of the esophagus so that the stomach acid cannot climb above the chest, thus preventing heartburn during pregnancy.

If you do all this and you’re still suffering from heartburn, drinking sweetened hot water mixed rose water will help to relieve heartburn during pregnancy.

If these natural treatments to relieve heartburn during pregnancy do not solve your problem, you should visit a gastroenterologist.

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