Newborn Baby Care Tips according to traditional medicine

Newborn Baby Care Tips

Traditional medicine has some useful newborn baby care tips for optimal health and development of your precious baby.

The first days after the birth of a newborn baby are accompanied by mixed amazing feeling of excitement, love, and anxiety. Many of the issues that were previously considered insignificant suddenly start sounding really complex. Traditional medicine has some great recommendations for maintaining and improving the health and development of the baby. Here are some newborn baby care tips from traditional medicine.

Traditional medicine offers brilliant newborn baby care tips for moms.

Newborn Baby Care Tips Based on traditional medicine

Newborn baby feeding tips

A newborn baby needs to be fed with breast milk. Breast milk is easy to absorb and strengthens the baby’s body by providing the baby’s need for nutritious fluids. The duration of breastfeeding and the number of times it should be performed per day is based on the strength of the baby, but for the comfort of the mother and adjustment of digestion and sleep, breastfeeding needs to be performed regularly.

In order to determine the suitability of milk in terms of quality and quantity, in the first 6 months after birth, the baby should be weighed and monitored.

Mother’s food should be sufficient, easy to absorb and healthy.

The best milk for the baby is breast milk, even if the mother’s body cannot produce milk, sucking on the breast will be useful for the baby.

In the morning, it’s best to throw away the first drops of breastfeed, and then breastfeed the baby.

After 6-7 months of age, as soon as the baby’s teeth come out, the baby first foods should be given the baby. Start with thin puree in the morning and evening and slowly add to the concentration and amount of it.

Newborn baby bath tricks

The baby’s body should not be exposed to dry air or air flow. While bathing the baby, care should be taken that water does not go into the baby’s ears.

After bathing the baby, the baby’s should be dried with a soft cloth and keep his/her body warm.

The baby should not be exposed to wind and cold while bathing. The baby bath should not take too long. The best baby bath time is after the baby has slept for long hours, and because most babies sleep longer at night, the best baby bath time is in the morning.

Up to 40 days after birth, it’s better to bathe the baby once a day. In warm weather you can bathe the baby up to 2-3 times a day; after 40 days, it is enough to bathe the baby every 7 days. in the summer, it is better to bathe the baby twice a week

In warm weather, it is better to wash the baby with lukewarm water, and in cold weather with warm water.

In traditional medicine, it is recommended to massage the baby’s body with oil after bathing; care should be taken that the oil does not reach the baby’s umbilical cord’s scar until it is completely healed.

Newborn baby sleeping tricks

The muscles on the sides of the baby’s vertebrae should be gently massaged with oil to sooth any back pain or stiffness in that area. It helps the baby sleep comfortably.

In traditional medicine, it is recommended to massage the baby’s stomach and skin above the bladder slowly.

During the first month of life, the baby will enjoy gentle caresses and soothing massage.

It is recommended that the baby’s nose be kept clean to prevent dyspnea and dryness of the throat.

One of the most effective newborn baby care tips in traditional medicine is to swaddle to baby for the first 3-4 months. Swaddling the baby helps protect the body and the baby will not be harmed by other parts of the body by moving his/her hands and feet.

Newborn Baby Care Tips

Bed of a newborn baby

It’s best to keep a baby’s head a little higher than the rest of her/his while sleeping. Swing the baby gently in a cradle.

Covering the baby’s head with soft and warm hats is one of the strongest recommendations of traditional medicine.

The baby’ room should not be too light because too much light can harm the baby’s eyes. Loud noises can disturb the baby.

After 3 days you can sing with a soothing tune for the baby. The baby enjoys gentle sounds and calms down.

Neonatal period passes fast despite all the questions and doubts of parents, leaving sweet memories and valuable experiences, but in addition to following newborn baby care tips, we should be careful not to ignore small but unfavorable signs such as the baby’s loss of appetite, weak sucking, jaundice, faintness, and decreased urination and defecation which can result in irreparable complications, so if you observe any problems with your baby, be sure to consult your doctor to ensure that it is all safe and well.

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