Healthy Pregnancy Tips According to Traditional Medicine

Healthy Pregnancy Tips

Traditional medicine offers some healthy pregnancy tips and recommendation to maintain mother’s health and to ensure baby’s health and growth.

Mother and child health is one of the essential aspects of health services, because mothers and children of any society are more exposed to environmental risks than most other people in the community, and the lack of observance of sanitary measures may lead to the ill health of this vulnerable group.

There are several issues in the field of mother and child health. Paying attention to simple sanitary guidelines to prevent potential problems during pregnancy is one of the most basic and reliable ways to maintain the mother’s health and to ensure baby’s health and development.

Traditional medicine offers some great healthy pregnancy tips with regard to the best nutrition, sleep, bathing, exercise and physical activity. Healthy pregnancy tips help prevent complications and health problems during pregnancy.

Healthy pregnancy tips involve the best nutrition and lifestyle during pregnancy.


Healthy pregnancy tips about nutrition

  • The amount of pregnant mother’s meals should be moderate to be easily digested by her digestive system.
  • Avoid eating too much food at one single meal.
  • Avoiding hunger for the pregnant woman has been considered in the field of traditional medicine.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol, coffee and tea.
  • Excessive water intake for pregnant women is harmful.
  • The lack of vinegar and substances that are very cold or very hot are recommended; spicy spices are not recommended. It is better not to use raw olives and peppers and peppers.
  • It is absolutely forbidden to use violets and gels in pregnancy.
  • Do not use base materials such as sesame and peas and beans.
  • The simple use of traditional snack in Iranian traditional medicine is recommended in pregnant women.
  • A good diet is a clean and healthy bread and a little bitter soup, to prevent fatty soup from constipation, which is a problem for many pregnant women.
  • Honey eggs are foods that produce good blood and are recommended to be consumed by these people.


The best fruits for pregnant women:

  • Currants
  • Sweet quinces
  • Sweet pears
  • Sour and sweet apples
  • Sour and sweet pomegranates


Sex during pregnancy:

It’s best to avoid frequent sexual intercourse in early pregnancy and especially in the first pregnancy.


Healthy pregnancy tips about showering during pregnancy

Pregnant women should avoid having to stay in the bathroom for long. However, when the time draws near for baby delivery, it is recommended to have frequent and long baths for an easy labor.

Water temperature for bathing during pregnancy should be warm, neither too hot, nor too hot.

Healthy Pregnancy Tips

Healthy pregnancy tips about emotional health

  • Avoid intense fear.
  • Avoid too intense excitement, great discomfort, intense anxiety, excessive anger, and overthinking; Listening to sad stories and observing injured people is not advisable for pregnant women.
  • Pregnant women should always expose themselves to happy environments and hopeful situations.


Healthy pregnancy tips about physical activity and exercise during pregnancy:

  • Regarding any physical activity during pregnancy, the following conditions should be taken into account:
  • Avoid running, jumping, or carrying heavy objects. Intense movement can be harmful to the fetus.
  • Avoid forcefully knocking objects about.
  • Avoid activities that cause physical and mental fatigue.
  • Regular mild exercise and walking are advisable during pregnancy. Immobilization and stagnation are very harmful; movement causes the body waste to be disposed of. The duration of exercise varies according to the person’s strength and habits; it is advisable to walk in the evening and at night during the summer, and in the afternoon during the winter.
  • Standing for a long time is harmful.
  • Avoid putting another child or heavy load on the abdomen or the back.

Healthy pregnancy tips about sleep

A pregnant woman might need more rest and sleep than before, but sleeping too much should be avoided for the sake of an easy labor and the health of the fetus. A pregnant woman should have enough space in her bed.


Other healthy pregnancy tips and recommendations:

  • Avoid scary or loud noises
  • Avoid sniffing spicy or pungent odors
  • Cover the body with soft cloth from the chest to the bottom, covered with soft cloth. A pregnant women’s belly should not be exposed to the cold.
  • Wear appropriate clothing that does not put pressure on the abdomen and the chest.
  • Do not delay it if you need to go to the bathroom.
  • Pregnant women need fresh air more than ever.
  • Extreme cold and very hot weather are harmful for a pregnant woman.
  • Avoid performing any traditional medicine therapies such as cupping or self-medication such as taking laxative before consulting with your doctor.

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