How to Keep Insects Away Naturally

How to keep sand flies away

Learn about plants, natural substances, and simple methods that help keep insects away naturally.

Citronella candles to keep insects away

Citronella candles are considered to be ideal to keep bugs away, and the very best component is usually they smell great and will be offering a far more organic, less harmful path than some pest repellents. Citronella is usually a good species of herb in the lemongrass family members as well as solid citrus fruit scent has the capacity to mask the organic smells hungry insects are drawn to, just like the CO2 we breathe out and the oils and bacteria on the skin we have.

Natural essential oils to keep insects away

Citronella is amazing, but did you know there are numerous additional essential natural oils that keep carefully the bugs away? Continue reading intended for a summary of skin oils that can work nicely in hanging on to those annoying bugs apart. Try these types of natural oils within a candle or choose a personal irritate repellent aerosol to keep insects away naturally.


Recipe for a natural insect repellent oil

You can try this natural insect repellent oil to keep insects away from your body and skin.

Natural insect repellent oil ingredients:
  • Five drops Lavender Essential Oil
  • Four oz Witch hazel
  • Five drops Tea Tree oil
  • Five drops Eucalyptus oil
  • A few drops Lemongrass or Citronella oil
  • A few drops Peppermint Essential Oil
Natural insect repellent oil Recipe:

First, take a 4 ounce spray jar and fill ⅔ of it with the witch hazel. Then add the drops of essential natural oils and covers with the rest of the witch hazel.

Make sure to shake prior to using. If you experience any pain discontinue use.

How to keep sand flies away

Plants such as lemon and peppermint help keep insects away naturally.


How to keep sand flies away

They emerge from nowhere and love to arrive right mainly because the sun is certainly going down, the optimum time for a summer time cocktail. Tea tree oil, peppermint oil, citronella oil, and Eucalyptus oil are perfect to keep sand flies away naturally.


How to keep ants away

Peppermint, lavender, and spearmint oils work very well arranged around your house to get rid of ants coming from windows sills and the areas of your home. You can create a room spray or leave a little in a little bowl in problem areas. Be careful not to keep it out where domestic pets and children can get access to it, particular essential herbal oils could be dangerous if consumed without having to be diluted!


How to keep mosquitos away

Not merely are mosquito bites annoying and significantly less than attractive, these bugs may bring dangerous illnesses, which explains why it is about our set of bugs to stay away. Cinnamon, basil, thyme, peppermint, lemon eucalyptus, pinus radiate, oil vetiver oil are great to keep mosquitos away naturally. Try one or two of the oils within an outdoor candle light, or plant these kinds of vegetation around the porch to get added safety.


How to keep gnats away

These small buggers generally get to swarms and just like the smell of not merely human beings however your fruits bowl as well. Try lemon, lavender, geranium, citronella, or pinus radiata oils, or better still purchase the plants themselves. Gnats hate the smell of lavender, citrus balm, and geranium plant life.

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