How to wake up early in the morning?

How to wake up early

I have always been a night owl. Of course, if I need to catch a train at 5 in the morning, I will get up early. But to wake up early every day, moreover of your own free will, you need some discipline. There are periods when I get up really early for a week or two – and then I am terribly proud of myself, but I don’t constantly do it yet. Are you a night owl? Do you like to learn get up early every morning? Then we are on the same page. I suggest that we start leaning some useful tips that will help you learn to get up early in the morning.

Learning to wake up early in the morning – why is it important?

First, psychologists advise us to figure out our motivation: why do you need to get up early in the morning? Finding a proper answer for this question is especially important for those who work or study in the second half of the day or have a free work schedule – that is, theoretically, those who have the opportunity both to get up early, and later. So, what exactly is it for me and in my life that I need to learn how to get up early in the morning?

The answer should be clear:

  • I want to lead a healthy life, and I will get up early to do the exercises / go for a jog in the morning;
  • I want to learn to get up early in order to devote more time to my hobbies and development. Morning is the best time to do this;
  • I want to spend more time outdoors, so I will start the morning with a walk;
  • I want to strive for harmony with nature;
  • I want to learn to get up early in the morning to start the day with prayer or meditation

Let the goal be extremely specific and serious, otherwise your motivation for waking up early will merely last for a week or two.

How to wake up easily in the morning?

Are getting up early and getting enough sleep mutually exclusive concepts? At first glance, it may seem that the concepts of “getting up early” and “getting enough sleep” are mutually exclusive: either there will be little sleep and we will get up early, or we will sleep well, but the waking up part, unfortunately, will not be so early. I cannot offer you some miraculous ways to sleep for 4 hours a day and stay vigorous. But the strategies you find below can help with waking up early – even with such hopeless owls like myself.

How to learn to wake up early in the morning?

How to wake up early

Go in for sports

The day that starts with jogging and aerobics continues more energetically. It is not necessary to immediately take records of 10-15 km. run at a slow pace for 15-20 minutes would be enough. Pick a comfortable pace for yourself. You can start with a quick walk or jogging.

Jogging can be replaced by cycling. And if you are not a fan of jogs and bicycles, do exercises – at home to music or on the street.

Adjust your diet

Can it be that you cannot learn to wake up easily early in the morning because of your own laziness or unwillingness? This may be one of the reasons, but not the only one. Often there are physiological causes for one’s inability to wake up early in the morning. So, late and heavy dinners almost always do not allow you to fall asleep quickly, and, even if you fall asleep, you often wake up or sleep on a full stomach, which is not refreshing at all.

At night, you should not eat fatty and high-calorie foods such as meat, fried fish, pasta, bakery products, or sweets. Let food before bed be light: berries, fruits, juices, boiled vegetables, kefir. Then in the morning you will be helped by a slight feeling of hunger.

Act strictly

This method is not for everyone – only for those who want to learn to get up early in the morning for a short period. Go to bed at whatever time you want, but get up exactly at 7.00 am (or how much you plan your early rise). The main thing is to hold on for the first few days: after a sleep of several hours, weakness and sleepiness cannot be avoided, but you will fall asleep by midnight for as early as 2-3 days. If you choose this method, do not allow yourself to sleep for a long time during the day – no more than 1.5 hours.

Change mode gradually

If the scheme above is not your option, you can take smaller steps that will help you to wake up early in the morning. Set the alarm for 20-30 minutes earlier than yesterday. Then within 3-5 days, get up at the same time. Then put the alarm for another half an hour earlier – and then fix the result again. Do this until the early rise time reaches the desired level. Gradually, under the new regime, the time for falling asleep will also be adjusted.

Use affirmations

Affirmations are short phrases that will also help you learn how to easily get up early in the morning. Imagine your early rise first in your head: imagine a big clock with the right time and say it mentally or even out loud. “I get up at 7.00 cheerful, fresh and in a good mood. Getting up at 7:00 gives me energy and strength. ” Avoid “do not” particles, build a positive phrase: Don’t say: “Waking up at 7.00 does not irritate me” – Instead say: “Waking up at 7.00 makes me happy, I feel energetic all day!”

Promise yourself some sleep during the day

Sometimes, only the method of the carrot will help you to get up early in the morning – promise yourself that if you open your eyes right now and get up, then allow yourself to sleep 1-1.5 hours in the afternoon. You can allow yourself some afternoon nap.

How do you wake up easily in the morning?

Are there any special ways that helped you learn to wake up early in the morning?

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