How to Train a Cat to Use the Toilet

How to Train a Cat to Use the Toilet

Read this article if you are interested in learning how to train a cat to use the toilet instead of a litter box.

Cleaning the litter box may be considered one of the most difficult tasks associated with taking care of a pet cat. But you can actually train a cat to use the toilet. No, this isn’t some a tale or something extracted from a film. It truly is possible to teach your kitty to use the bathroom. It isn’t a straightforward or quick process, yet with persistence, your pet cat will figure out how to use the bathroom as its litter holder. It will be simpler to teach a trained cat than a wilder one, but this is not a general statement because most cats are extremely smart. Here is a step by step guide that demonstrates how to train a cat to use the toilet.


Taking care of a kitty is easier if you know how to train a cat to use the toilet.

 How to Train a Cat to Use the Toilet

How to train a cat to use the toilet: STEP ONE

The very first thing you should do when training your cat to use the bathroom is to put its litter box tray in the toilet. You should stick it near the bathroom such that it turns into a habit for the cat to do its business in this section of the house. Therefore, a great way to begin is to place its sandbox inside the toilet. Every time your kitty desires to do its business, it will go directly to the bathroom where its litter holder awaits. It won’t take more than a few days for the cat to get used to the new place of its litter box.


How to train a cat to use the toilet: STEP TWO

The next phase in toilet teaching a kitty is to improve the cover tray away the bottom. The bathroom is usually high as well as the litter holder is at walk out. To conquer the barrier, train your cat to steadily work up to the height of the toilet. Get a telephone publication, an encyclopaedia, and gradually improve the litter holder until this gets utilized to coming to the same degree of the bathroom.


Be careful and see that the box is positioned properly on the books or any other material; in the event that, on the other hand, the top is unpredictable, your cat could fall and this is the kind of experience your pet will remember. Consequently, take special treatment to guarantee the holder is centred equally over the top which it rests. Dropping off an unequal surface area will traumatize your kitty and make it very hard for this to understand and be bathroom trained.


How to train a cat to use the toilet: STEP THREE

Once the holder reaches the elevation from the bathroom, you will then possess to put this nearer to it. Place it steadily closer each day; you can’t just move the holder in one part of the area towards the bathroom. Move the tray closer and closer every day until it touches the toilet. When that stage is reached by you, put it together with the bathroom by itself. When you wear it the bathroom, make sure it is centred to avoid a predicament where your kitty falls and it is frightened.


You need to begin to decrease the quantity of fine sand such that it this steadily weaned off both pebbles as well as the tray. Therefore, over time, decrease the amount of fine sand till an extremely slim coating is usually remaining, of only a few centimeters high.


How to train a cat to use the toilet: STEP FOUR

The next thing is to swap out your cat’s mindset. It should start doing its business in the toilet rather than the litter tray. Listed below are several alternatives, but all you have to is a straightforward dish you have inside your home. You are able to create your own sandbox with the box you placed on the bathroom, along with durable paper to withstand the weight from the kitty underneath the cover. You can even scatter fine sand which means that your family pet continues to feel safe and affiliates it with its aged litter holder.

How to Train a Cat to Use the Toilet

How to train a cat to use the toilet: STEP FIVE

Right now, make an opening in the paper you’ve utilized and completely take away the pot. Make a gap in the paper after your kitty did its business there more than a few days, so the waste materials falls in to the drinking water. It really is a relatively complicated stage yet we suggest relaxed and endurance till your kitty feels comfortable carrying this out.

Since it gets used to achieving this, you may make the hole bigger and bigger until there is certainly nothing at all. While you do that, also reduce the sand positioned on top of the paper. Understand that your kitty should get accustomed to do this without sand, so remove it steadily to strengthen its new technique.


How to train a cat to use the toilet: STEP SIX

Finally, each and every time your cat uses the toilet, you need to flush and get rid of it. Pet cats dislike urinating or defecating on top of their previous mess. In addition, leaving the bathroom unflushed is unclean because the smell is quite strong. Therefore, flushing the bathroom when your family pet used the bathroom is usually both for his or her own health, and your own. Keep in mind, to bolster this attitude, you should reward them with a treat each time your cat uses the toilet correctly. Your pet will therefore connect this treat with heading to the bathroom.

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