How to be more energetic at work and at home

be more energetic

Here are some secrets and advices that will help you be more energetic at work and at home.

How to stop feeling tired?

Tracking my own thoughts and feelings during a particularly difficult and demanding period of my life helped me a lot in diagnosing the reasons why I felt tired so much and in finding ways to be more energetic. There was a time when I was obliged to move from this apartment to another and then to another in a rather short period of time. During my last move I wondered: why do I get so tired every time? Why do I have no energy anymore? Why is it that after I bring things into the apartment, I just drop out of fatigue and go for a few days like a zombie? How to be more energetic?  The answer that I found seemed pretty convincing: before the move, in just a few days, I started to wind myself up – like I started nagging to myself about how hard it will be, how many things will be broken, how I will carry and unbox them, how heavy they will be, and whether I will forget anything.

The solution that I found was also simple: in order to get less tired, I simply forbade myself to think about moving in detail. I stopped imagining HOW difficult it will be. As soon as such thoughts came, I immediately told myself: “Stop! Anyway, there’s no way to go, the move will take place anyway – it’s pointless to worry myself. My worries and thinking about the situation in details will not change anything – except that I spoil my nerves and get tired of it in advance. ” Of course, in my next move, I was collecting things – but I was more energetic and carefree than usual. I leaned to be more energetic and motivated by not imagining all the upcoming difficulties, but listening to pleasant music or turning on a favorite movie instead.

As a result, the next move was much easier, and – about a miracle! – easier both physically and psychologically! My conclusion: The fatigue did not result from the move itself, but from my preparatory thoughts and worries. After this story, I also thought about other situations: perhaps I can get less tired in them if I just think less about them and not frighten myself with all sorts of sad events from the lives of acquaintances and relatives?

I decided to apply this principle in other areas of life: I need not worry myself about things in advance. Even if you need to think something over – then think about the facts, not about irrational fears and anxieties. This strategy helped me to get less tired – at work and in everyday life. So if you also want to be more energetic – this is my advice number 1. And what else?

be more energetic

How to be more energeric at work?

  1. No multitasking: Complete your tasks one at a time.
  2. At lunch, be sure to go out for fresh air. Checking your social media and news behind the same computer monitor? This is not what you would call a rest!
  3. Stay away from people who are willing to constantly discuss colleagues and savor someone else’s mistakes. Unnecessary intrigue – unnecessary stress. Extra stress – stronger fatigue.
  4. Start freelancing and working from home. Remote work is applicable today to many professions: programming, , designing, translating, editing, etc. You may be less tired of the same work at home.
  5. The weekend is holy! At the weekend you need to rest. No work! Without a good rest, you will be very tired even at your favorite job.

How to be more energetic at home

  1. Share your chores. Let every family member know what they must do and understand that no one else will do it for them.
  2. Be sure to keep lists of household chores
  3. Learn time-management methods: for example, every day you can only clean a certain area for 15 minutes or do business for 25 minutes and then take a rest for 5 minutes. Turn your life into an exciting competition and then you will not even have time to get tired of life!

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