The Most Reliable Pure Honey Test

Pure Honey Test

To determine whether honey is pure or fake, you need a reliable pure honey test. In this article, we will discuss some of these pure honey tests.

Pure honey is a magnificent and elegant elixir that has been considered by humans throughout the history as a tasty food and a healing remedy, which its predecessors depicted as purity and also a sign of power and chivalry, and the value of honey It was very high, in ancient Greece and Rome, honey was symbolized by blessing, a symbol of love and beauty, and Egyptians paid their taxes according to it.

Pure honey has many health benefits for your body. Not only is there loads of health advantages, nevertheless, you can also utilize it to take care of some illnesses as well as make face masks for a smooth blemish free pores and skin and even make your lips soft and smooth naturally. However, unbeknownst to numerous people, there’s false honey for sale in the supermarkets. Some suppliers are combining honey with drinking water and other activities such as blood sugar in order to have significantly more honey in their batch. To become quite honest, real honey will not come cheap and it’s a pity that you may be spending big money on what you think is genuine honey but is not. In the event that you buy honey from out of town, in areas favored by bee keeping and bee farming, it’s likely that you’ll get natural honey. However, honey bought from the roads or from hawkers and the loves, is probable adulterated honey that may not offer you the benefits that you were wishing to enter the first place. Choose the best pure honey test for you among the following tests to discover if the honey is 100 % pure or artificial.


What does pure honey look like?

However before we reach the checks, the first rung on the ladder is to check on the label and the way the honey appears like in the container or jar:

Pure honey solidifies as time passes. This implies that it appears like granulated sugars rather than watery. Sure, maybe it’s fresh honey and also you could buy it, but to find out if it solidifies, place it in the refrigerator overnight. If it does not have any small crystals and continues to be watery, then there is no need real honey. With regards to the label, determine if it has things such as high fructose corn syrup and blood sugar written onto it. These items keep carefully the honey from solidifying and suppliers add these to the honey in order to have a bit more honey to market to unsuspecting purchasers.

Pure Honey Test

Pure honey test with water

Pour some drinking water into a cup, then, pour a teaspoonful of honey in to the drinking water. Pure honey will remain in the bottom of the cup and fake honey will begin to blend with water.


Pure honey test with swirling motion

In a little dish, a white bowl preferably, put a tablespoonful of honey, then put about quarter a cup of water in to the dish and swirl. Keep swirling till the honey begins to create a honey comb form. If you don’t start to see the comb form, in that case your honey is not 100 % pure.


Dripping pure honey test

Pure honey will stay put or very slowly begin to drip to the sides. Honey that’s not pure will easily spill from the thumb. You can even use a spoon instead. Drop a spoon in your honey then keep it up. Pure honey will trickle down very gradually while false honey will spill or trickle down extremely fast.


Pure honey test with marches

Put a match in the honey then light it up. If it lights up, the honey is pure. If it doesn’t light, that means they have additives like drinking water which prevents the matchstick from burning. Of a matchstick instead, you can also fold a little piece of tissue, dip it in a few honey (put a bit first into a little dish) then light it utilizing a lighter. In case your honey is natural, then your little bit of cells will capture open fire.


Pure honey test with vinegar.

Mix a little of honey and water then add four or five drops of vinegar. If it becomes foamy, then your honey is not pure.

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