Home Remedies to Keep Cats Away from your Garden

Keep Cats Away

Here are some simple home remedies to keep cats away from your garden.

Cats are animals with very unique hygiene practices. They prefer to relieve themselves somewhere away from the place in which they eat. For this good reason, frequently if a neighbor has a kitty that can openly enter and go out, the cat will sneak into a close by garden and utilize it as a toilet, digging up the earth and ruining the vegetation.

When you have this issue and need to keep cats away from your garden, you can speak with the kitty owner, although this is unlikely to do anything to avoid the problem from happening. Moreover, though it is not as likely and common, it’s possible the kitty that is invading your garden is usually a runaway kitty with no owner to speak to. Whether it’s a road kitty or belongs to your neighbors, the following home remedies can help you keep cats away from your garden in a manner that is cheap, environmentally friendly and nontoxic.


Certain plants, fruits, and spices can be used to keep cats away from your garden.

Cat repellent plants

Some herb aromas repel pet cats, therefore if you would like to take action, plant lavender, thyme, Coleus canina, citronella, and other plants with a solid scent that aren’t exactly the animal’s favorites.

Keep Cats Away

How to keep cats away from your garden with citruses

Among the most effective home remedies to keep cats away your garden is using citrus fruits such as oranges, tangerines, lemons, and grapefruits.

Once you eat citric fruits like grapefruits, tangerines, lemons, grapefruit, and so forth, keep the peels and put them round the places where pet cats usually enter your garden. The smell of citrus shall deter them. This smell can last around 2-3 times, after that time you need to replace the peels.

You can even rub the peels on the surfaces of your garden; if the areas are porous, this will fill them with the smell of citrus.

Keep Cats Away

How to keep cats away from your garden with peppers

Crushed pepper is also a good tactic to deter pet cats. The theory is to place the pepper in areas where you usually start to see the felines, in this real way, the kitty won’t need to arrive in virtually any longer, as the pepper may cause its nose to itch and make it sneeze. Consequently, you’ll associated with kitty affiliate your home for this unpleasant response and can end coming.


Keep cats away from your garden with water

Cats do not like to have their paws and body wet. Cats hate water, therefore if you would like to keep cats from your garden, a great option is to truly have a line or even to install an automated sprinkler in your backyard. Water will not harm pet cats but can scare all of them off.

Aluminum foil

You could also place aluminum foil on the ground close to the plants. Pet cats can’t stand to step upon aluminum foil, so that it could keep them away. Dangling CDs in the cat’s level will also reflect the light and deter all of them too.


To keep cats away from your garden, do not feed them

Another way to avoid cats from entering your garden is to avoid feeding them, both or indirectly directly. It’s apparent that in case you give food to a stray kitty, it’ll come back again to get more, but you may be luring cats by leaving bin bags outside your home also. In case your trash can is outdoors, you ought to close it to ensure that cats cannot enter this.

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