How to Teach a Dog its Name Fast

How to Teach a Dog its Name Fast

It is very important to teach a dog its name as soon as you have adopted it. Read this post to find out how to teach a dog its name fast.

Teaching your dog to react to you call it by its name is an essential process. This will help you get its attention anytime you need and also to train it to obey other commands. When your dog learns how to react to his name, you can also help protect it from danger and make your home a safe and happy place for it to stay. However, you will need to train your dog the essentials from the start, so before getting your dog home, you will need to choose the right name for it.

Ensure that the name is distinguishable for the dog

Avoid any name that seems rather than much like anyone’s name in the house. This will minimize misunderstandings and your dog will respond better.


Here is a simple detail by detail guide about how to teach a dog its name fast


Have the dog’s full attention.

Prior to you start training your pup, ensure that you get its full attention. Avoid interruptions and also have some treats near which you can use as an encouragement each time the dog responds to you when you call it by its name.

It is recommended to begin training the name whenever your dog is not distracted, Let it rest if it must and ensure that it is not tired or hyperactive.

State its name once in a definite and clear voice. Make certain the firmness you utilize is happy and warm. Make an effort to get its attention.

If your dog doesn’t react the very first time, you don’t need to stressed, it probably has not identified it yet.


Snap your fingers and treat

Say its name, and as soon as it looks at you, snap your finger and encourage the dog with a good treat. The dog will know that each time it gives you its attention, it will get a delicacy.

You need to give your dog praising remarks because exactly like humans, canines prefer to be praised and rewarded for good behavior. This may also be a motivational factor for the dog.

You need to know that positive encouragement is important when learning how to teach a dog its name fast.


Create a time gap and try again

When training your dog to react to its name, you will need to reduce his attention again. You should be able to distract it and maintain it busy along with his dog playthings or simply anything to take its attention from you.

Call out its name once again and as soon as it looks at you, snap your finger and give it a treat again. Shower it with compliment and let it know that reacting to his name will attract goodies.

How to Teach a Dog its Name Fast

Do it over and over

You will need to repeat the above mentioned steps at least 8-10 times for at least one hour. However, this isn’t standard, keep watching how your dog responds through the process.

Ensure that you do not do this too many times since it will certainly get monotonous and the dog will get fed up easily.

Keep in mind pups, exactly like kids, have a brief focus period.  Do it again every few hours every day for at least a week. Your pup will soon start to learn its name and can soon be providing you its full attention once you call it by its name.


Move to other locations

Following the first couple of days, you can change the location where you teach your dog to learn its name.  You can test training it to react by calling it by its name in a different room or place,

Follow the previous steps again and again until your pup can offers you its full attention. Then that’ll be good improvement.


Keep its attention a little bit longer before rewarding

Once your pup is positively giving an answer to its name and providing you its full attention, snap your finder when it responds but await about 5 seconds before you give it its treat. This will teach your dog to give its attention for a longer time. In the event that it does not give you attention, you’ll then have to repeat the whole process again until it does.


Longer time gaps

You are advancing well in teaching your new puppy its name if it can respond by giving you its attention in practically any room of the home or even out in the backyard.

Consider working out a notch higher with the addition of more distractions. You are able to choose to have someone else in the area or provide the dog its favorite playthings to distract it.

You can put it on a leash to allow you gently correct it if it ignores you. Call the dog by its name and if it responds, immediately snap and give it the treat according to the previous step.


When you have taken your dog through all the above steps, but you still have trouble to get it to react to its name and give you full attention, you might want to try a dog trainer.


Training a dog or a puppy to react to its name can be considered a huge milestone in its growth and development. Additionally it is a great accomplishment working for you because you’ll be a happy pet owner then. Show patience with your dog and help it gradually learn its name.

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